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Looking for some travel destination inspiration? Find out where Ted's Master Andrew Peacock thinks are the most photogenic locations. ...  Read More
We’re funny creatures us humans. When we see a piece of art we love, often our immediate desire is to directly emulate & reconstruct it rather than be inspired by an element from it, and then explore the creative tangents generated. ...  Read More
Once again, another Ted's Photo Competition has come to an end. With hundreds of fantastic entries, it's always difficult to pick a winner. ...  Read More
The world of stock photography has changed a lot over the years and is an area that many feel has had it's day in terms of being a useful pursuit for earning a financial return for a photographer. I don't think that's the case however. ...  Read More
Equipment plays a key role in my photographic practice. If you have ever wondered what may be inside a wedding photographers camera bag, all is about to be revealed! These are with out a doubt my most used products and there are plenty of reasons why. ...  Read More