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The world of stock photography has changed a lot over the years and is an area that many feel has had it's day in terms of being a useful pursuit for earning a financial return for a photographer. I don't think that's the case however. ...  Read More
Equipment plays a key role in my photographic practice. If you have ever wondered what may be inside a wedding photographers camera bag, all is about to be revealed! These are with out a doubt my most used products and there are plenty of reasons why. ...  Read More
When preparing for shoots, having a strong creative concept is essential, and being able to break that down and communicate your vision is crucial for yourself, your clients and your collaborators. ...  Read More
Your camera is not a gun and it doesn’t have to be used as a point and shoot.
Back button focusing takes time to adjust to, but once mastered, it becomes very natural to think about your focus and shooting separately. ...  Read More
As a wedding and portrait photographer seeking out emotion within my subjects is critical to my image making.
With practice I have established a few strategies that allow me to tap into the emotional side of my subjects and capture them in the most authentic way possible.

...  Read More