Film Cameras

Film cameras are back

Film photography has well and truly made a comeback. From 35mm film cameras to disposable film cameras and reusable film cameras, film is back in fashion and many photographers are going back to the vintage charm of film photography.

Film cameras have a nostalgic vintage feel that doesn’t get old. Similar to the joy an instant camera or Polaroid camera can bring, cameras with film give you a tangible memory to hold onto. Plus, point-and-shoot film cameras are easy to throw into a bag and carry with you to capture your life, one exposure at a time.

Find the best film camera for your photography style

Whether you’re reliving the glory days of film or discovering film cameras for the first time, there’s a type of film camera to suit every budget, skill level and photography style.

One of the best things about film photography is that it’s accessible to all skill levels. If you’re looking for an easy film camera for beginners, our selection of budget-friendly disposable film cameras has you covered. Pre-loaded, lightweight, and easy to use, our single-use film cameras will have you taking great happy snaps in no time.

If you’re a seasoned vintage camera fan, a 35mm SLR film camera will help you capture creative images with that perfect vintage film camera look. Easy to use and bursting with quirky style, Lomography cameras and flash 35mm cameras are the ones for you.

Don’t forget film for your camera

Once you’ve chosen your film camera, don’t forget to pick up the right film to go with it. Our collection of camera film includes everything you need for your film photography, whether you’re after black and white film or want to shoot in 35mm colour. When you’re ready to develop the photos you took with your 35mm film camera, head to a Ted’s store to use their 35mm film processing service. Our trained staff will arrange developing, scanning and film printing.

Ready to step back in time? Discover our range of film cameras below now!

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Save $10*

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