Camera Straps

Complete your camera kit with a camera strap

A good camera strap is an essential part of every camera kit. When you’re taking your favourite camera everywhere with you to capture your most precious memories, you need a sturdy camera strap that you can rely on, and that will allow you to whip out your sensitive and expensive camera at a moment’s notice without being afraid of damaging it.

A camera harness can be a huge help to manage heavy camera equipment, such as DSLRs and telephoto lenses. In addition to helping you to manage heavier loads, a camera harness is the best option for using two cameras simultaneously, which saves you from changing lenses back and forth when out in the field.

What to look for in a camera strap?

When selecting the best camera strap for your digital camera, keep your comfort in mind, so that you can shoot for long periods. This is particularly important for travel and landscape photographers who go the extra mile for the winning shot, and professionals who are shooting in various conditions for hours on end.

Whether you are taking a look at our neck straps or camera wrist straps, the weight of your kit should be taken into account, as well as how you would like to carry your camera to get the best possible image.

Wrist strap vs. sling strap: What is the best camera strap?

Camera straps and lanyards come in various shapes to accommodate every type of photographer. A wrist strap is a great option for capturing candid street photography. You can keep your camera always at the ready, but hold it at your side discreetly as you move through the crowd.

Sightseers will often benefit from investing in a sling-style camera strap, which allows a camera to be tucked away at your side when not in use, so you can navigate unfamiliar locations, but have your camera ready to capture your images swiftly when the right moment comes along.

Find the best camera strap for you

Whether you are looking at a genuine neck strap to replace the one that came with your Nikon or Canon camera, or a spare leather camera strap for your film SLR, Ted’s camera stores will have something to offer. Browse our selection of camera straps and lanyards now and shop online today.

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