Memory Cards

Store your photos on a reliable memory card

Nothing is more crucial in the photographers’ arsenal than having the correct memory card for your camera. Discover different types of SD memory cards like Micro SD memory cards and other storage options when you shop online with Ted’s Cameras today! Access our massive range of memory cards, storage devices, memory card readers and plenty more camera accessories!

What is a memory card?

Memory cards are the primary storage device used to save and store digital files on digital devices, such as digital cameras. Available in a range of different formats, different types of SD memory cards include Micro SD memory cards, XD and Compact Flash, alongside faster and more reliable CFexpress and CFast cards. At Ted's, we stock memory cards from a range of popular and trusted brands, including SanDisk, Lexar, AngelFish, Sony and much, much more.

How to choose an SD Card for your camera?

When choosing a memory card for your camera, smartphone or other devices, you first need to identify a few things.

1. What type of memory card is your device compatible with?

  • Check the device’s instructions to identify which memory cards your device is compatible with.

2. Which Memory Card Speed Class do you require? 

  • A card’s speed is determined by its class. Faster cards are necessary for fast continuous shooting and Full HD and 4K video recording. 

3. How much storage capacity do you need?

  • Memory cards have a finite amount of storage capacity, which is typically measured in gigabytes. More capacity means more photos and videos.

4. How many memory cards do you need?

  • Depending on how much you intend to record or capture and the capacity of your memory cards, you may want to purchase multiple memory cards to ensure you don’t run out of space.

High-class memory cards, such as those in the Sandisk Extreme range, are recommended for their high-speed performance and reliability. These memory cards are temperature, water, shock and x-ray proof, so you can trust them to handle your files no matter what your journey holds. Furthermore, memory cards also come with different operating standards, including conventional SD cards, SDHC cards and SDXC cards. SDHC and SDXC cards are both high-capacity options, ideal for handling larger files and in much higher quantities.

Buying a memory card reader

Memory cards are useless if you can’t get your photos and videos off of them. Ted's stocks a wide range of memory card readers to help streamline your digital workflow, including micro SD card readers for transferring photos and videos from your GoPro or action camera. Quickly and easily share your files from your card to your computer without having to fumble around for your camera’s USB cable.

What other storage options can photographers use?

In addition to memory cards, there is also a wide range of other storage options, including portable hard drives for safely storing your important files and documents and even high-capacity SSD drives for recording high-resolution video from recorder monitors.

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