Ted's Recycling Program Ted's Recycling Program

Do you have an old or broken camera that you no longer use?

Whether they're working or not, Ted's Cameras can take any unwanted analogue film or digital cameras off your hands.

Ted's Recycling

How does it work?

Australia doesn't have a national camera recycling scheme - and that's where our program steps in.

You can drop off your camera at any Ted's Cameras store. There are no appointments necessary. Simply drop off your gear, and we'll take care of the rest.

The program is open year-round, with most people handing in their cameras during the trade-in promo, we run a couple of times a year.


What happens to the camera?

As part of our Camera recycling Program, our team will assess your camera and do one of two things:


Donate your working camera to a charity

Ted's Cameras supports a number of organisations around the world, who are in desperate need of electrical equipment, such as cameras.


Pass your broken camera on to a repair centre

Our partner, Camera Clinic, offers an in-house recycling service. They dismantle old and broken cameras and use the parts to repair cameras when new replacement parts aren't available.

Ted's Recycling

Who benefits from the camera recycling program?

By recycling your camera, you're doing your part to ease the build-up of electronic waste and helping the environment. Every year, tons of e-waste goes to Australian landfill, and those pollutants can cause environmental contamination. It's a growing problem - and one that can be significantly reduced if more people recycled their broken and obsolete camera equipment.

The working cameras are donated to charities, schools and community organisations, who wouldn't be able to afford them otherwise. Who knows - your old camera might give a budding photographer their start!