What is a DSLR camera?

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. This tried and true model is the favourite camera of professional photographers, advanced photographers, amateurs, and can even be great cameras for beginners - provided that they learn some of the camera basics.

DSLRs feature a mirror inside them, which projects the image captured by the camera lens through a large and bright optical viewfinder. This design is what generally makes them larger in size than mirrorless cameras.

What are the advantages of DSLR cameras?

DSLRs are interchangeable lens cameras, which means your options are almost limitless depending on the camera lens you choose to mount on your camera. There are wide-angle lenses which are perfect if you want to photographic beautiful landscapes, sharp and fast prime lenses for portrait enthusiasts, and far-reaching telephoto zoom lenses for anyone interested in photographing subjects that try as they might, they can’t get close to, such as athletes and wildlife - this is just the tip of the iceberg.

DSLR cameras have long been the chosen camera of photographic enthusiasts of all levels. Beginners can trust the DSLR to help them learn the basics of manual photography, such as learning what ISO, aperture and shutter speed mean and how to use these settings to take better photographs. Professionals turn to full-frame DSLR cameras for the incredible image quality provided, as well as the lightning-fast continuous shooting speeds, which is a must when photographing sports, weddings and other professional applications.

How to choose the best DSLR camera for you?

Entry-level DSLRs include automated modes and helpful tips that don’t just do everything for you - they help you get comfortable and understand how these settings work so in time you are confident enough to set your own camera settings. Check out our beginner’s guide to filming with a DSLR camera to start getting comfortable with these complex settings.

High-end DSLRs are fast and capable of impressive image quality in all conditions. They particularly stand out from the crowd in low-light scenarios. While considered bulky to some, full-frame DSLR cameras are tough and reliable. If you are looking for a sturdy camera which can be trusted to last you for many weddings, events and other serious shoots, then put your trust in a high-end DSLR camera.

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