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Print your photos online, from your desktop or smartphone

Upload and edit your photos from the comfort of home, or download the app to print directly from your Apple or Android smartphone. 

Ted's online printing service allows you to crop and set up your images for a photobook, poster, mug or special gift. Bring them out of your memory card into the world, all from the comfort of your home.

Printing services, available online and in-store!


    Ordering your digital prints at Ted's has never been easier. At Ted's stores, we have the latest technology in kiosks and printing equipment.

    Ted's environmentally friendly digital prints are guaranteed to be fade resistant for over 200 years.
    You can even order your prints online and collect them at your local Ted's store the next day!

    Printed in-store within one hour*

    4x6" (10x15cm) $0.15$0.20
    5x5" (13x18cm)$0.50$0.60
    5x7" (13x18cm)$0.50$0.60
    6x6" (15x20cm)$1.00$1.15
    6x8" (15x20cm)$1.00$1.15
    8x8" (20x25cm)$3.95$4.95
    8x10" (20x25cm)$3.95$4.95
    8x12" (20x30cm)$4.95$5.95
    Contact Sheet (20x30)$5.95$6.95

    *All services subject to workload, services and products may vary from store to store


    Custom poster sizes available on request. Printed in-store same day. Block mounting & framing available in-store (see Block Mounting section below).

    11x14" (29x35cm)$10.95$12.95
    8x20" (20x51cm)$14.95$17.95
    12x18" (30x46cm)$14.95$17.95
    16x20" (40x51cm)$21.95$25.95
    18x24" (46x61cm)$24.95$28.95
    20x30" (51x76cm)$39.95$46.95
    24x36" (61x91cm)$49.95$58.95
    A3 (29x42cm)$14.95$17.95
    A2 (42x59cm)$21.95$25.95
    A1 (59x84cm)$39.95$46.95

    Please note poster prints are NOT available in the following locations:

    Ted's Cameras Fountain Gate, Ted's Cameras Chadstone, Ted's Cameras Canberra Civic, Ted's Cameras Adelaide and Ted'sCameras Pacific Fair. Online delivery is available.


    Turn your favourite photos into stylish wall-art for your home.

    The way to turn a precious memory into a work of art is to print your favourite image onto high quality canvas which is then stretched and wrapped, ready to hang. With endless possibilities, you can select from a huge range of sizes and styles to compliment any room.

    You can order your canvas online, and pick it up free of charge in-store or have it home delivered in just 3-5 days.

    Our printing and stretching is done in-store so you are guaranteed the highest of quality and speed of service. Bring in your memory card or CD/DVD and we can have it ready to pick up the next day!

    Custom canvas sizes available on request.

    11x14" (29x35cm)$59.95$69.95
    12x18" (30x46cm)$69.95$81.95
    16x20" (40x51cm)$79.95$93.95
    18x24" (46x61cm)$89.95$105.95
    20x30" (51x76cm)$99.95$117.95
    8x8" (20x20cm)$44.95$52.95
    12x12" (30x30cm)$54.95$64.95
    16x16" (40x40cm)$74.95$87.95
    20x20" (50x50cm)$119.95$140.95

    Mega Canvases (7-10 Days Delivered)

    24x24" (61x61cm)$129.95$152.95
    12x40" (30x101cm)$159.95$187.95
    30x30" (76x76cm)$169.95$199.95
    40x40" (101x101cm)$249.95$294.95
    36x40" (91x101cm)$319.95$375.95
    30x60" (76x152cm)$349.95$411.95
    40x60" (101x152cm)$389.95$458.95

    Please note Canvas is NOT available in the following locations:

    Ted's Cameras Fountain Gate, Ted's Cameras Chadstone, Ted's Cameras Canberra Civic, Ted's Cameras Adelaide and Ted'sCameras Pacific Fair. Online delivery is available.


    8x10 & 8x12 hard cover photo books printed in-store at Chadstone, Doncaster, Knox, Camberwell, Canberra Centre and Maroochydore.

    High-quality gloss or Matte doubled sided pages ( minimum of 10 pages per book), new funky design/templates to choose from. Add text and clipart to your favourite images. Prices from $49.95 extra pages $4.00. Ready for pick up within 24hr (workload permitting)

    Photo Books – ordered instore delivered back to store. Choose from many different sizes and covers add presentation boxes to complete your photo book order. Come into our store and our staff can help you with your photo book, your book is printed off-site and delivered back to your chosen store.


    Print & Create Calendars In-Store

    With Ted’s Print & Create you can use your own photos to make a unique calendar Ted’s Print & Create helps you customise annual and monthly calendars by adding borders, text and clipart. Print & Create calendars are perfect for gifts or simply keep yourself.
    Greeting Cards

    Print & Create Greeting Cards In-Store

    With Ted’s Print & Create you can create the perfect greeting card personalised with your own images and words. Great for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays. You can order in-store at Ted's Print & Create for 5-7 day home delivery service (freight charges apply).

    Photo Cards

    With Ted's Print & Create you can create the perfect single-sided card personalised with your own images and words. Perfect for party invites, baby announcements, thank you, change of address or engagements and wedding invitations. order online at Ted's Print & Create for next day collection in store or select our 5-7 day home delivery service.


    Give your prints a professional look, our friendly staff can combine your prints on to our professional-looking block mounts.

    Available in silver edged 20mm foam core, in a hang or stand up option. Easy to post to friends and relatives interstate or overseas.

    Also available in black-edged 20mm foam core. Ready to hang.

    4x6" (12x18cm)$11.95$13.95
    5x7" (12x18cm)$13.95$16.95
    6x8" (15x20cm)$15.95$18.95
    8x8" (20x20cm)$17.95$20.95
    8x10" (20x25cm)$17.95$20.95
    11x14" (28x35cm)$49.95$58.95
    12x18" (30x45cm)$59.95$69.95
    16x20" (40x50cm)$69.95$81.95
    18x24" (45x61cm)$89.95$105.95
    20x30" (50x76cm)$109.95$129.95


    Ted's Printing application is a free app that lets you order your prints straight from your mobile device to your closest Teds Store. Photos can be picked up in as little as 1 hour (workload permitting).

    Once you install the app, simply select the photos from your mobile device select you closest teds store - you can print from a standard 6x4 print up to poster size.

    You can place your order from anywhere; home, coffee shop, public transport or your shopping centre anywhere you have your mobile device and time on your hands and pick them up from your favourite Teds store.

    Features include:

    • Pick up and pay in-store; no need to pay using your mobile device
    • Order and upload multiple photos simultaneously
    • Order from anywhere pick up in-store 
    • Receive order confirmation emails when the order is placed and when it is ready for pick up

    Don't have a Ted's Printing online account? Our app allows you to quickly create a free account so you can begin ordering all your photos.

    Still reading? What are you waiting for? Download Ted's Printing app to your iPhone, Android or Windows 10 Mobile device!

    Download for iPhoneDownload for Android

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