Lighting & LED's

See your hobby in a different light

Whether you’re a photography beginner or a seasoned pro, the right studio lighting equipment can dramatically increase the quality of your images. Particularly if you’re shooting in low light conditions, studio lights and the right setup can help reduce image grain and blur.

While flash photography is a great way to enhance natural and other available light sources, studio lights provide consistent, reliable light that’s second to none. Other popular lighting tools for film and photography include flash heads and speedlights, both of which can be used to achieve stunning creative effects including slow sync flash, high-speed sync flash, and more.

Flip a switch on content creation

Starting a vlog channel or launching a livestream that showcases your hobby to the world? Bright, even lighting is essential to crafting clear, high quality videos that keep your audiences coming back for more. If you’re a budding vlogger or livestreamer, consider investing in portable LED lights, which deliver a constant stream of light that ensure you can be seen in perfect clarity.

Easy to use and highly versatile, certain portable LED lights even allow you to adjust the colour temperature, making them the perfect vlog lighting accessories for setting a specific mood or atmosphere.

Control your lighting conditions

Whether you want to enhance your natural light photography or boost the effectiveness of your studio lighting setup, light shaping tools can be used to great effect. The most popular tools in this category include reflectors, which redirect light to help reduce dark shadows, and softboxes, which create soft, diffused light that’s perfect for portrait photography.

Both can be paired with our light stands for flash gear, which help keep your photography lighting accessories steady and secure throughout your shoot.

Ready to start taking well-lit clear photos and videos? Discover our range of studio lights and accessories now!

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Save $10*

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