Advanced Compact Cameras - Professional features in a compact package, these pocket rocket cameras prove that you don't need a DSLR to get great shots.

One of the most exciting trends in the photographic industry in recent years has been the increased popularity of the advanced compact camera. More and more enthusiasts are leaving their DSLR's at home as they travel in favour of a smaller and unobtrusive pocket-sized model, that is easier to carry around. In turn, more beginners are overlooking entry-level point and shoot cameras for one of these advanced models, in order to take advantage of the higher specifications and image quality.

The list of these cameras is vast, the variations are many and this is a very good thing for the consumer; there is sure to be an advanced compact camera suited to your needs.

If you are a sports or wildlife photographer, you are sure to be enticed by the Canon Powershot G3X with its large sensor and 25X optical zoom somewhat resembling a DSLR, without the need to carry extra lenses.

Street photographers have been rewarded with the Fuji X100 series, with its discreet appearance, quiet stealth-like performance and high quality fixed lens optics. The latest in this range is the X100T

Those of us wanting something that can still fit into a jacket pocket might want to head over to the Sony RX100 Mark IV, with its 4K resolution video, large 1-inch sensor and bright f1.8-2.8 zoom lens which is well-suited to all lighting conditions.

As you can see, the Advanced Compact Camera sector is one area of the market where we really are spoilt for choice.