Capture your adventures with an action camera

Thanks to our wide range of action cameras, capture all of your exciting adventures in high resolution so you can look back on your thrilling videos, show them to your friends, or upload them to YouTube.

Whether you like to run, surf, ski or dive, the best action camera is the one that can go anywhere with you. Action cameras are compact, lightweight and easy to use, making them the best sports cameras to seamlessly record any extreme sport. Just get the video rolling and go about your business - your action camera will take care of the rest!

Why choose an action camera?

Adventure video cameras are not just suitable for the biggest thrill-seekers. Parents, do yourself a favour and pick up a budget action camera for your kids to run amok with. You can send them out to the garden and let them explore their creative side, knowing that their new rugged and waterproof action camera will survive the inevitable spills or journeys to the bottom of the pool.

Similarly, adventure video cameras are suitable for content creators of all backgrounds. From 4K resolution video, gimbal-like stabilisation and live-streaming capabilities, these mountable and wearable cameras have everything you need to improve the quality of your vlogs and YouTube videos.

Find the best action camera today

GoPro is an all-time favourite when it comes to action cameras, and these small action cameras keep getting even better. The newest GoPro adventure video camera range is tough and reliable, and now comes with voice control so you can operate the camera completely hands-free. Pick up an underwater housing if you want to really dive deep with your GoPro sports camera, or pick what you need from their wide range of GoPro Accessories to film the best action movies.

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