Bring vintage photography to life

Even in the age of digital cameras, there’s something undeniably satisfying about watching a photograph appear magically before your eyes. Modern instant cameras combine all the charm of the models of yesteryear with great contemporary features such as enhanced usability and high quality imagery.

Whether you’re nostalgic for the low-fi photography of a bygone era or are sharing the wonder of instant photography with younger family members, instant cameras are a great addition to any photographer’s tool kit. Plus, they’re an easy, fun, and convenient way to capture candid images at parties or weddings.

Capture the moment instantly, relive it forever

Like many things in life, photographs of good times are even better when they’re shared with loved ones. Certain models within our instant camera range have a reprint functionality that allows you to print multiple copies of one photo in minutes. The pocket-sized photos make great mementos at special events or family occasions, and are perfect for scrapbooking or sticking on the fridge.

Our selection of instant cameras means you can experience the joy of instant photography regardless of your skill level, budget, or photography style. The popular Fujifilm Instax range offers excellent usability in a range of great camera colours, while the travel-friendly Canon Inspic range includes a mirror that’s ideal for selfies. And if you’re looking for the ultimate in retro style cameras, you can’t go past Polaroid instant cameras, which remain popular after decades on the market.

Happy snaps at the click of a button

Quick, convenient, and full of charm, instant cameras are a classic photography tool that remain a must-have for photographers today. No matter which brand you choose, you’re guaranteed hours of entertainment and enough fun, quirky shots to last a lifetime.

Ready to relive the joys of instant photography or about to experience it for the first time? Explore our instant cameras below and pair your favourite with matching instant camera film from our great range.