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Enter the exciting world of aerial photography

In recent years, drones and aerial photography have taken the world by storm. Beloved by hobbyists and professionals alike, a drone with camera can help you create everything from stunning drone wedding videos, real estate videos and cinematic landscape shots of your travels.

Get into the action yourself by investing in a quality photography drone or quadcopter. With plenty of drone models available to suit every budget, skill level, and photography style, these easy-to-use drones can help you capture aerial images and effects that are impossible with a handheld camera.

Capture stunning drone photos & videos

Whether you’re interested in taking bird's-eye shots of landscapes and scenery while on holiday or simply seeing your backyard from a different vantage point, drone cameras are the perfect tool for photographic experimentation. The best drone cameras even come with pre-programmed flight paths that will help you film well-composed shots without too much fuss.

Other great drone features that you can expect to find on most modern models include stunning 4K video resolution, a “back home” feature, and the ability to sync with your smartphone. This last feature is particularly handy and means that controlling your drone and keeping it on the right path is easier than ever before.

Find the best drone for photography today

Beginners and seasoned pros alike are sure to find something to love in our great range of drones for photography. From compact drones with a camera to professional drone models with HD video capabilities, there’s truly something for everyone. Just don’t forget to familiarise yourself with the drone laws in your local area and respect the safety and privacy of others around you before taking flight.

Ready to take your love of photography and videography to new heights?
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Save $10*

When you subscribe to ClubTed today!