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It’s easy to tell someone to be brave, until you’re standing in their shoes.

Being photographed is an unnerving experience, as I discovered during a recent photography session, where I was the subject. All of a sudden I was the one who had to perform, and all my bravado leeched away.
Despite the photographer being friendly and experienced, feeling what it was like to be the subject helped me realise what I need to be doing better as a photographer.

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Melbournians have a saying "if you don't like the weather in Melbourne, just wait five minutes and it will change", but it seems lately you could apply that quote to all four corners of this great land.

Dramatic weather can take your images from good to amazing, architecture, landscapes and even portraits can be given new meaning by utilising the chaotic Australian weather as a backdrop. Dust storms, thunderstorms, lightning and wind,

So why not get out in the thick of it next time the weather turns bad, it might just be the best photo you've ever taken.

Tag your pic's with #featuremeteds and you might even get featured on our Instagram page :-)

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Last post we showed you some photos of students from Clyde Fenton Primary School having fun with their new cameras. The school received a delivery of traded-in cameras from our last ‘trade-in sale’ and they were quickly put to good use.
The kids have taken to their new lessons like pros and have been producing some beautiful photographs. We caught up with some of the students to ask what they like about photography.

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Tuesday 26th is Australia Day, a day for us to celebrate harmony, diversity, and unity as a nation.

Australia Day means many different things to many different people and isn't just about Aussie flags and Triple J, so we've tried to find a diverse range of images to share with you for this weeks Flickr Friday post.

Whatever you're doing this Tuesday, make sure you take your camera along and share what Australia Day means to you. Tag your pic's with #featuremeteds and you might even get featured on our Instagram page :-)

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You may be one of the awesome people who traded in their old camera, or maybe you heard about our plan to send traded-in cameras to a school in the NT.

Well the cameras have finally arrived at Clyde Fenton School in Katherine. They’ve found a home in the art department and have been incorporated into lessons by Dave.

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