Make digitising photos a breeze

Have plenty of old film photos or negatives lying around the house or hidden away in storage? Digitise your photos and enable easier editing, sharing, and storage with a high quality photo scanner. By scanning your photos at home, you can enjoy the charming, distinctive style of analogue photos with all the convenience of modern digital images.

A high-quality photo scanner makes it easier than ever to archive your old photos and keep them all in one place, and gives you the option to reprint them at home or at your local photo lab. Plus, the process of scanning old photos is a great opportunity to revisit snaps from the past and take a trip down memory lane.

Choose a high-quality scanner that suits your needs

If you’ve got photo albums or storage boxes filled with film photos, a photo scanner or flatbed scanner is your best bet. Simply place your photo on the flatbed, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and you’ll have a digital image that’s ready to edit or share in seconds. The best photo scanners even include “Autocorrect” settings that can touch up your image and optimise it for screen viewing.

Lost track of your prints? If you’ve only got access to negatives or if your prints are damaged or dirty, you may wish to opt for a negative scanner instead. These nifty pieces of equipment allow you to scan in 35mm negative and slide film to a high resolution that’s suitable for digital viewing and printing alike. As a bonus, these film scanners will even invert the colours of your negatives for you.

Take film photography into the modern age

Whether you’re scanning in treasured family images, holiday happy snaps captured on a disposable camera, or instant camera pictures taken at a party, digitising your photos is a great way to breathe new life into old photos. Our range of photo scanners and film scanners contains options for digitising a breadth of photographic media and film, and includes Epson’s Perfection V850 flatbed scanner, which can even scan medium format film.

Once you’ve transformed your prints into digital images, you can retouch and enhance them with your favourite photo editing software, email them to loved ones, or compile them in a beautiful DIY photo book. The only limitation is your imagination!

Explore our range of photo scanners below and start turning your treasured film photographs into digital images today!

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Save $10*

When you subscribe to ClubTed today!