Olympus Tough

Olympus Tough TG5

Features and Benefits

If you are researching tough cameras, chances are you are reading a lot about the Olympus Tough range and with good reason. With a range of models, ready to accompany you in the harshest and most trying of conditions, the ever-popular Olympus Tough range has become a go-to option for the more adventurous.
Waterproof and shockproof to varying degrees, as well as being protected from dust and extremes of temperature, the Olympus Tough range will have something to offer everyone; from the beginner searching for a point and shoot camera that can be confidently carried in a backpack all day long, with no risk of damage, to the jet-setting enthusiast, destined to venture to the more extreme corners of the world, capturing exciting images all the way.

The excellent TG6 features a shockproof and crushproof body, while adding RAW image capture and a bright f2 lens, both combining to offer brilliant image quality which comes in particularly handy when shooting in the low light conditions found underwater.

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