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Since 1970, Ted’s has been at the forefront of photography in Australia, providing the best range and expertise available. Now, Ted’s offers a huge range of workshops, tours and experiences, to help you take your photography to new heights.

Experience the exciting world of photography, with trained professionals at one of our 18 stores nationwide! Join us for photo walks, workshops, product launches and much, much more!


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Thank you! 100% of profits from booking fees have been directed to giving the gift of education.

As well as fun and informative events, Ted's offers a range of educational workshops, catering to all skill levels and age groups

Ted's Academy classes are a great way to learn the fundamentals, enhance your technical skills, get valuable feedback and build your local community of photographers. Our workshop-style classes are packed with information and opportunities to practice fresh techniques.

Ted's Academy Trainers are the best of the best, always eager to help you take your photography to the next level and beyond.