Waterproof & Shockproof Cameras

Why Should I get a Waterproof & Shockproof Camera?

Quite simply, waterproof cameras are the only suitable option if you want to go to the beach or pool and enjoy the ability to capture photos and videos of each and every event, as it happens. You can explore the bottom of the pool and the fun and action that unfolds there, as well as get close-up shots of the reef and ocean life; and the best part is, your camera will live to tell the tale!

Which Waterproof camera is right for me?

Like any camera, waterproof cameras come in various shapes and sizes. There is something for everything, from the growing family who just want something that they can entrust in their kids, somewhat unsteady hands, to the most adventurous water-lover who will be testing the limits of what their waterproof camera can handle.

If you fall into the first camp, the Kodak Pixpro WPZ2 is perfect for you. Coming in a range of colours, this easy-to-use camera is waterproof to 15m as well as shock and dust-proof. The WPZ2 is simple to operate both above and below the surface of the water, and it takes high-quality images that can be quickly shared with folks back home, thanks to having built-in WiFi connectivity.

More advanced users will be enticed by the incredibly rugged OM System Tough TG7. This camera is as tough as they come, it's not just a clever name; it is 15m waterproof, as well as dust, shock and crush-proof. To be sure that the camera is not just good at returning home in one piece, the TG7 is also a more than capable image-making tool, with a 12MP back-lit CMOS sensor and fast f2 lens, both of which make the camera ideal for low-light shooting, and 4K resolution video recording.

Even if you only getaway to the beach occasionally, it's worth investing in a waterproof camera. The memories you create there deserve to be captured, and these cameras are your best chance at finding something that can safely come along for the trip. If you need more help deciding which model is right for you, read through our best waterproof camera blog.


What exactly is a Waterproof & Shockproof Camera?

A shockproof camera is a camera that can be dropped from a certain height and still function and capture photos and videos after this has happened. The term shockproof comes from the impact that occurs when the camera hits the ground from its fall. Shockproof cameras are not all created equally, with some able to stand the odd small spill and other particularly tough cameras being more suitable to considerable shocks. Let's meet some of the shockproof cameras in our range.

The Pentax WG-6 is one of the toughest, most shockproof models available. As well as being an impressive 2.1m shockproof, the WG-6 is a whopping 20m waterproof. For weekend adventures away, this shockproof and waterproof camera should be the first thing you pack. The Olympus Tough TG6 is also worth considering, being 2.1m shockproof, 15m waterproof and importantly featuring brilliant low-light imaging performance and 4K resolution video.

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