Single Use Cameras

Get started with film photography with a disposable camera

As photography becomes as ubiquitous as owning a smartphone, film photography captures the hearts and minds of creative individuals of all levels. From expert digital photographers to first-time shooters, everyone is trying to harness the unique aesthetic that is only possible through shooting with film.

If you want to try your hand at film photography, consider starting with a disposable film camera. Although there are plenty of bargains to be had in the second-hand camera market on more advanced film cameras like a traditional SLR or a medium format camera, a more accessible starting point is the humble disposable camera. The best disposable camera is one that you can simply point and shoot. There are no tricky settings or modes to decode. With a single-use camera, you can focus on fine-tuning the fundamental aspects of your photographic skills, such as composition and framing.

Choosing a disposable film camera

Most disposable film cameras provide you with 27 exposures to shoot before heading to the lab for film processing and development. If you think you need more stock to get the winning photograph, consider opting for a disposable camera with even more frames.

Our range of disposable cameras features high-speed film stock to capture well-exposed photos, regardless of whether you’re outdoors, in the sun or stuck inside in dimly-lit conditions. Some disposable film camera models include an easy-to-use flash for an extra bit of light when it’s too dark. 

Waterproof disposable cameras are a fantastic addition to your travel photography kit for seaside destinations or wet weekend getaways by the pool. Not only are these waterproof disposable film cameras able to handle the odd splash or two, but they can be fully submerged to produce brilliant underwater photographs.

Where to get disposable cameras developed?

Right here! You can drop off your film at a Ted's Cameras store for 35mm film developing, scanning and printing. For all the analogue enthusiasts out there, Ted's has got you covered! Just locate your local store and drop off either your disposable camera or your 35mm and APS films in store, and our trained staff can arrange to develop, scan and print your photos, or they can just send you the digitised images online.

For more on reviving old photos and negatives, check out our ultimate guide to digitising photos.

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Save $10*

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