The 5 Best Instant Cameras

26 July 2021

Retro is back! And better than ever. While certain fads come and go, the resurgence of the instant camera is something we’re delighted to see. Seemingly brought about by the rise of Instagram, selfies and a desire for nostalgia, we couldn’t be happier to see big-name camera brands looking to the past for inspiration. 

Although Polaroid held a firm grip on the market in the 20th century, modern instant cameras come in all different shapes and sizes, with a boatload of new features, instant film stock and accessories that have transformed the world of instant cameras. 

Whether it’s the classic look of a Polaroid photograph, its lo-fi charm and white border, or the wonder of capturing a moment in time, instant photography clearly hasn’t lost its appeal.

Embrace your nostalgia, or introduce the joy of instant cameras to someone new with our list of the best instant cameras available from Ted’s Cameras today!

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

  • Picture size: 62mm x 46mm
  • Compact build
  • Built-in Flash
  • Optical Viewfinder 

Here we have it, the Fuji Instax Mini 11. Arguably the ideal choice for beginners, and a suitable instant camera for kids, the Instax Mini 11 is a compact and lightweight camera that is more than worthy of the mantle left behind by Polaroid. A joy to use at family events and during holidays, Fufifilm’s simplicity is what makes this camera genuinely shine. And with the inclusion of a dedicated selfie mode, it’s a brilliant option for weddings. Have a read of our 10 Instax camera wedding photo ideas for inspiration.

Coupled with an optical viewfinder to frame your shots, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 includes a powerful flash, making it a versatile camera for both indoor and outdoor settings. For the perfect balance of retro and modern charm, the Instax Mini 11 is a terrific instant camera.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 40

  • Picture size: 62mm x 46mm
  • Retro style
  • Automatic exposure
  • Optical Viewfinder

If you’re looking for your textbook definition of a retro instant camera, this is it. Both a fashion accessory and a purpose-built instant camera, the retro-themed Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 is a mix of form and functionality that we adore. Fujifilm spares no expense with the Mini 40, applying a textured grip to one side for comfortable handling and a bevy of silver accents that ensure heads will turn as you stride down the streets or into the party. But don’t let its attractive design fool you; it’s more than just a pretty face.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 features automatic exposure, making it easy to take vibrant, well-lit instant photographs. If it’s not bright enough, the in-built flash will help make light of the darkness. Of course, like all great instant cameras, it comes with a dedicated selfie mode for those creative self-portraits. But our favourite feature is that it runs on easy-to-find AA batteries.

3. Fujifilm Instax SQ1

  • Picture size: 2.4 inches x 2.4 inches
  • Fun Colour Options
  • Selfie Mode
  • Ergonomic Thumb Grip

Fujifilm switches up the design for the Instax SQ1, introducing a refreshing new take on the popular square-format Instax range. Boasting a simplified form factor, the Fujifilm Instax SQ1 is available with a swatch of colour options, making it particularly popular among young photographers. Unlike other Fujifilm instant cameras, the Instax SQ1 uses Fujifilm’s square instant film rather than mini instant film, producing a more classic square image. And with automatic exposure settings already dialled in, the SQ1 takes beautiful, well-lit photos with minimal effort. 

Thanks to its optical viewfinder, the Fujifilm Instax SQ1 is excellent for exploring your photographic compositions with a classic eye-level viewing style. At the same time, the selfie mode can be launched by simply turning the lens around. Coupled with an ergonomic thumb grip for easy handling, the Instax SQ1 is a colourful addition to the world of instant cameras.

4. Polaroid Now 600

  • Picture size: 3.1 inches x 3.1 inches
  • Fun Colour Options
  • Autofocus
  • Powerful, accurate flash

Yup. Polaroid is still kicking around, and their Polaroid Now 600 makes it more straightforward than ever to capture brilliant instant images than any instant camera before. How? It’s all in the autofocus. With the Polaroid Now 600, you can point and shoot without worry. Let the camera do all the work, and if it happens to be a little dark, its powerful built-in flash will fill in the gaps. Need to capture a group photo with yourself included? Chuck on the self-timer and join the party! Plus, the Polaroid 600 Now features a double exposure mode for even more creativity and photographic exploration.

The Polaroid Now 600 is a reincarnation of the classic Polaroid look - we’re talking square photos with white borders pinned to walls or inside old family albums. Retaining the easy-to-use functionality of its ancestors, the Polaroid Now 600 instant camera is an excellent option for those wanting to rewind the clock to instant photography’s glory years with its classic design and classic results. And with a rechargeable battery that shoots up to 15 film packs before a recharge, it’s the best Polaroid camera right now.

5. Fujifilm LiPlay

  • Picture size: 62mm x 46mm
  • Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Stylish Built-in Frames
  • Print sound bites to QR codes

A fresh and exciting take on the instant camera, the Fujifilm LiPlay is designed to make you the life of the party by capturing moments with a new level of vivid detail. This one-of-a-kind camera makes a name for itself thanks to its ability to capture sound! The LiPlay enables you to record and attach a sound byte to your image via a QR code, which is printed on the photo, adding a whole new dimension to the world of instant camera photography.

Appealing to tech-savvy gadget lovers, the LiPlay is unlike traditional instant cameras, making it less than ideal for nostalgic users. That being said, the Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay represents a new wave of interest in instant cameras for an entirely new generation. A generation that loves having all the bells and whistles.

Fujifilm delivers with a versatile wide-angle lens, a rechargeable lithium battery, and 30 built-in photo frames that you can attach to your instant photos on the fly. Simply connect your camera to your smartphone via Bluetooth to unleash this and several more vital features. You can print pictures from your phone’s camera roll and even control and fire the camera remotely. Even though we said, retro is back. It seems the future of instant cameras is here.

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There you have it, our pick for the top 5 instant cameras! Instant cameras really are a fun and unique option to capture all those special moments in life with friends and family in an instant. Pick up yours at your nearest Ted’s Cameras store, or order it online today!

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