Ted's - Top 5 Instant Film Cameras

26/10/2018 11:51 am

Instant Cameras

Retro is back! It has been for some time... 
The good news is this means we can all experience the sheer joy and wonder that Instant cameras brought to families worldwide, many years ago.

Whether you stick to the tried and true Polaroid name that is synonymous with Instant photography, or you opt for one of the numerous Fuji Instax offerings, you are sure to find a camera that will bring you and your closest, hours of fun.

Keep reading for our list of the Best Instant Cameras.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70

Using the popular Fujifilm Instax Mini format, the Instax Mini 70 produces fun, pocket-sized images, with ease and in minimal time. That is the winning formula for instant photography.

The camera looks great, walking that fine line between modern and classic, while the controls are so simple, your friends will be able to pick the camera up for the first time at a party and be firing away shots within moments.


Instant Cameras

Instant Cameras

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

The Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 is big in stature, so it is not ideal for those of us looking for a compact travel camera. That said, we just can’t get enough of the large size of the Fujifilm wide instant film, so we have to have this camera on our list. It runs on the easy to find AA batteries so you can be ready for a night of fun with just a quick stop at the convenience store.

The camera is easy to operate, while it still provides you with enough options to help you get nice looking photos in different scenarios, including an automatic flash, motor-driven focus, and exposure compensation. 

Polaroid OneStep 2

One of the most retro-inspired designs on the market, the Polaroid OneStep 2 is based on the original OneStep camera which was released in the late 70’s.

This new version features a lithium rechargeable battery with micro-usb charging, but most other modern conveniences have been omitted. Keeping things simple, the OneStep 2 includes a few simple features to help you get the best shot possible, including a self-timer, tripod socket, exposure compensation and an auto flash that can be manually disabled. It is also noteworthy for its being compatible with i-type film, which produces large, vibrant 3.1-inch square pictures.


Instant Cameras

Instant Cameras

Lomography LI100

The Lomo LI100 instant camera is an interesting entry on the list. On one hand, it hosts a number of manual features for the enthusiasts to enjoy, on the other, it maintains the simplicity that instant photography craves.

This boxy-looking, throwback camera runs on the easy-to-find AAA batteries. Some of the features that will interest amateur photographers include an aperture priority mode, Bulb setting, multiple exposure mode, and some fun coloured gel strips which can be used with the built-in flash. Keeping things simple, the Lomo LI100 Instant camera runs on the easy to find Fuji Instax mini instant film.

Fuji Instax Mini Neo Classic

The Fujfilm Instax Mini 90 is the most advanced of Fuji’s Instax mini options, providing numerous easy-to-use manual features and a lithium rechargeable battery. Bulb, Double Exposure, Landscape and Macro modes are available, as well as dedicated ‘Kids’ and ‘Party’ modes, which will help users master these popular Instant Photography subjects with ease.

One of the best Instant cameras for controlling exposure, the Instax Mini 90 features 3 exposure compensation settings, an adjustable shutter speed and an Auto flash that can be completely disabled - which is a rarity for a camera of this class. Despite all these more advanced inclusions, this camera is still as stylish as any other in the range, maintaining an undeniably classic appearance, as the name suggests.

Instant Cameras

There you have it, our pick for the top 5 instant cameras.

Instant cameras really are a fun and unique option to capture all those special moments in life with friends and family in an instant!


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