The Best Digital Cameras for Videos in 2024

17 December 2023

Whether you’re looking at picking up a kid’s digital video camera so you and the whole family can film your daily adventures or are after a vlogging camera with flip screen so you can finally become the star of YouTube you've always dreamt of becoming, the camera that you should be looking at purchasing will be vastly different.

The best affordable digital video camera can be hard to find, with each of us having our own list of wants and needs from our purchase.

Read on for an overview of what we think are the best digital cameras for video in 2023.

The Best Digital Cameras for Videos in 2022The Best Digital Cameras for Videos in 2022

Compact Digital Video Cameras

For your basic everyday video recording, the Compact Digital Video camera is still a great go-to option, despite the still-camera world doing its best to encroach on video territory. As their primary job is video, even the average Small Digital Video Camera recorder has the basic desirable features to best capture movies.

These video-friendly features include being comfortable to hold in the hand thanks to their compactness and hand strap, a rotating and tilting LCD screen for comfortable and steady filming, plus video optimised stabilisation and autofocus systems. As audio is an important and often overlooked aspect of video, it is worth noting that the built-in Microphones of digital video cameras are often more advanced than those of DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

The Best Digital Cameras for Videos in 2021The Best Digital Cameras for Videos in 2021

This is good for those wanting the best video camera to record meetings or similar who are not wanting to look into external microphone options.

As slim digital video cameras typically have smaller image sensors than models with interchangeable lenses, they often have reduced overall image quality. However, this is offset by their convenience and ease of use, which make them the best place to start searching for the best video camera under $500.

Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras

The Best Digital Cameras for Videos in 2022The Best Digital Cameras for Videos in 2022

Just a few short years ago Digital SLRs were thought of as purely still photography tools. These days, a DSLR filmmaking kit is a common sight and a lack of advancement in video functionality will often find a DSLR camera being somewhat poorly received upon release. Mirrorless cameras are the smaller siblings to DSLR cameras and they too are becoming more and more suited to video recording with each new release. At the entry-level end of this segment of reasonably priced cameras, you can locate a good digital video camera for under $1,000.

As mentioned above, these interchangeable lens cameras feature large image sensors that help them achieve unrivalled image quality. This is of huge benefit to your still photography and video filming. Their larger sensors also provide you with the opportunity to explore depth of field within your videos for a cinematic and professional video. Making use of the often extensive kit of compatible lenses will help you explore the depth of field with greater success, as well as be best poised to frame a more varied subject matter.

DSLR filmmaking is increasingly popular, with more advanced shooters using their DSLR body in unison with their film production equipment to film semi-professional outings and even independent films. A modern DSLR is your best camera for filmmaking on a budget. If, however, you find these cameras too large and bulky, mirrorless cameras could be the solution.

Smaller and lighter than DSLRs, mirrorless models provide you with the best video camera for travel, as you can swap between high-quality stills and videos at your fancy. With recent releases incorporating tilting LCD screens, fast and smooth AF systems, as well as inputs for your digital video camera microphone, we recommend you scour this segment of the market if you are on the lookout for the best vlogging camera.

Professional Video Cameras

Certain releases within this segment could be viewed as a meeting point between compact digital cameras and interchangeable lens cameras. The Canon EOS Cinema range of cameras utilises a large 35mm image sensor to capture their videos and are compatible with the ever-growing lineup of Canon EF lenses. They are also custom-built for video performance with premium audio and video quality, as well as a multitude of advanced features and functionality. This is where you will find the best Canon digital camera for video.

Similar to these models is the Canon X series, which is notable for detachable handles that allow you to attach external microphones with ease, using XLR inputs and the handily placed mic holder.

The Best Digital Cameras for Videos in 2022The Best Digital Cameras for Videos in 2022

The higher-end models in this series will include SDI outputs for the high-quality transfer of video, which is suited to productions and professional usage. Despite this suitability to more advanced and serious endeavours, these cameras are similar to compact digital video cameras in their appearance and the comfort they bring to handheld filming.

The hunt for the best professional video camera reveals a range of cameras in different shapes and sizes, with some models ignoring interchangeable lenses and accessory handles in favour of delivering a more portable and travel-friendly option. These fixed lens cameras often meld 4K resolution video performance with larger image sensors, so you can travel light without compromising the quality of your movies.

Action Video Cameras

The Best Digital Cameras for Videos in 2022The Best Digital Cameras for Videos in 2022

Depending on your photography style, you may require a more adventurous video camera. These action digital video cameras not only deliver excellent quality videos, but do so under tremendous stress and in conditions that a standard digital video camera would fail. They are mountable and wearable, and they can keep up with the exhilarating pace of extreme sports.

For those who live life to the fullest and have been known to come dangerously close to the edge (of their own accord!), you can’t go past the high-end GoPro models. Whether you are surfing, skiing, or taking part in any other type of outdoor sport, your GoPro camera gives you the best chance of capturing footage that you will want to watch over and over again, just to relive the thrill.

Many of the shots that you’ll want to capture with an adventure video camera will be underway when your hands are busy elsewhere, so be sure to choose a digital camera with remote or voice activated control.

If you suddenly find yourself setting up a home office, the modern GoPro models are all capable of Live Streaming. Playing the role of a webcam, these action cams use their WiFi connection and dedicated app to help you stream directly to Facebook and Youtube.

Level Up Your Videography with a New Camera

It’s an interesting time in the videography world. The growing number of cameras on the market means you can pick the right camera format and model for your specific needs.

If you still need help choosing the best digital camera for filming video, head on down to your local Ted's Camera store and our team will be happy to assist.

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