Ted's Top 5 DSLR Cameras

4 December 2023

DSLR cameras have long been considered one of the best options for photography beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals alike - so it’s not surprising that when it comes time for Christmas gift ideas, many of us want to know which DSLR is the best, or most affordable, digital SLR camera on the market. 

With so many DSLR models available at different levels, it can be hard to pick the right option for your loved ones - which is why our team at Ted’s Cameras have put together this handy guide to help you out. 

From the best DSLR for beginners to the best camera for video, read on for our selection of the top DSLR cameras.

1. Canon EOS 200D MK II

Made with beginner photographers in mind, the Canon EOS 200D Mark II is Canon’s smallest and lightest DSLR ever released. This is the perfect camera for beginners who are looking to get into DSLR photography, but are a little intimidated by bulkier top-end models.

Coming in a compact size, the EOS 200D Mark II features a 24.1MP CMOS sensor and DIGIC 8 processor on board, which delivers excellent image quality even in dim lighting conditions. It also captures 4K resolution videos, which will delight budding vloggers and videographers.

If you’re looking for the perfect camera to gift to someone who’s never had a DSLR camera, the Canon EOS 200D Mark II is a great option. The simple button layout makes it very easy to use, and Canon’s guided display will take them through the camera basics, and even some advanced techniques if they are up for the challenge.

2. Nikon D7500

Ted's top 5 DSLR CamerasTed's top 5 DSLR Cameras

The perfect DSLR for photography enthusiasts, the Nikon D7500 is the middle ground between the professional Nikon FX range and beginner-friendly DX line.


This brilliant DSLR features an Expeed 5 processor and 20.9MP DX-format CMOS sensor, which has been designed without a low-pass filter to maximise image sharpness and detail. The D7500 also captures 4K resolution videos and features a sports-friendly 8 frames per second continuous shooting rate.

Both tough and portable, the Nikon D7500 is slimmer and smaller than previous models but still remains weather-sealed so you can take it on any trip worry-free. As well as the large and clear optical viewfinder, the Nikon D7500 features a huge 3.2-inch touch-sensitive LCD screen, perfect for quickly navigating menus and shooting from more creative angles.

2. Canon EOS 90D

Know someone that loves shooting action-packed photography or video? The new Canon EOS 90D makes great use of the latest in DSLR technology, featuring a super high-resolution of 32.5MP, a continuous shooting rate of 10 frames per second, and a speedy all cross-type 45-point AF sensor. Needless to say, this is the APS-C format DSLR to have your eyes on for sports photography.

Paired with the high-resolution sensor is Canon’s Digic 8 processor, which allows for blistering speeds and helps deliver High ISO performance. The optical viewfinder of this EOS camera is top-notch, with an approximate coverage of 100% - plus a 3-inch tilting and touch-sensitive LCD screen to boot. This is perfect for those exploring the video functions of the camera, which are exceptional. The EOS 90D records at a top resolution of 4K30p and has the ability to film Full HD videos at 120p for smooth slow-motion results.

3. Canon EOS 6D Mark II

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is a full-frame DSLR that’s as simple to use as the entry-level EOS range, and still available at a relatively low price point. The 26.2MP Full-Frame sensor inside the 6D Mark II pairs with a Digic 7 processor to deliver excellent performance and simply stunning image quality, right up to the camera’s top ISO rating of 40000.

Ted's Top 5 DSLR CamerasTed's Top 5 DSLR Cameras

Anyone who has used an EOS camera before will be familiar with the controls of the Canon 6D Mark II, which is a major benefit of this release. This is the perfect opportunity for intermediate level shooters to experience professional-grade results. The versatile feature-set of this camera includes Full HD 60p video, a 45-point cross-type AF system, plus built-in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity - so you can keep your camera constantly connected to a smartphone for advanced sharing and remote control options.

While it may not make a list of cheap Christmas gifts, when taking into account value for money, it’s pretty hard to beat the Canon EOS 6D Mark II.

3. Nikon D780

The Nikon D780 is an FX-format DSLR camera with a 24.5MP backside-illuminated CMOS sensor. It is the successor to the Nikon D750 and has incorporated a lot of technologies from the mirrorless Z6 camera. The D780 is a versatile camera that is well-suited for a wide variety of photography and videography applications. It is a great choice for enthusiast and professional photographers who need a high-performance camera that can handle a variety of shooting conditions.

Ted's Top 5 DSLR CamerasTed's Top 5 DSLR Cameras

The expandable ISO range of the Nikon D780 means it is performs at its best in a huge range of lighting conditions, while the camera's 7 frames per second continuous shooting rate is your perfect match if you choose to frame subjects that rarely stand still; think sports and action.

4. Nikon D850

For harnessing remarkable professional quality and performance that can only come from years of camera manufacturing experience, enjoy this Full-Frame DSLR, the Nikon D850. This much-loved camera features a super high resolution of 45.7MP, so it is suitable for producing extraordinary large prints, while the sensor of the camera has been designed without an optical low pass filter, meaning an incredible level of image sharpness and detail is possible.

As well as still performance, the Nikon D850 is capable of 4K UHD video recording with an advanced AF system on board to help this feature along.

The D850 is unbelievable in low-light conditions, with low-noise images maintained throughout the broad 64-25600 ISO range, as well as the ability to find focus quickly in very dim conditions. The Nikon D850 is notable for its advanced user interface and workhorse-like build, and it performs fast enough to keep up with demanding professionals working in various fields. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed finding a situation that the D850 doesn't excel in.

5. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

As the fourth generation of the ever-popular 5D range, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is still one of the best DSLRs out there. Canon has been perfecting this range with each release, so this camera delivers full-frame image quality, great video options, and an intuitive user experience. 

The Canon 5D Mark IV features a high-resolution 30.4MP full-frame image sensor and DIGIC 6+ image processor, a combo that delivers excellent dynamic range, as well as speedy performance. Rugged and weather-sealed, this DSLR camera features a fast and accurate 61-point AF system, which can be used to make the most of the action-ready 7 frames per second continuous shooting rate and the 4K resolution video.

This range of EOS cameras has long been a favourite of videographers, and the 5D Mark IV is no different, thanks to such creative features as built-in time-lapse, HDR movie and the ability to record in HD 120p.

5. Canon EOS 1500D

Canon’s beginner-friendly DSLR, the EOS 1500D, is another model that is designed to shorten the learning curve of the beginner ice user and make sure they have fun along the way. A 24MP APS-C sensor and Canon’s Digic 4+ processor can be found in the 1500D, delivering exceptional image quality; this result is images that don’t only look good on your screen but also as large, detailed prints. Entry-level Canon DSLRs have long been lauded for their portability, and the 1500D continues this trend, somehow managing to be lighter still than previous models.

The 1500D makes use of a handy guide mode, which Canon refers to as its Canon Camera Assist Program. This program makes use of video guides to help the user get to know and understand the controls of their camera so they can use them to their full effect. There are also more advanced tips and instructions on how to take your photography to the next level, as you confidently advanced past the beginner stage. With the Camera Assist function, you are also guided through connecting your camera to a compatible smart device, making use of the Canon Camera Connect app and therefore being able to share photos directly from your DSLR to your Smartphone.

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