Grey Market Stock

What is "Grey Market"?

Unauthorised Importers:
Generally, a manufacturer works with a single importer
who can sell and support their products in a given region. The importer usually has local dealers and distributors who resell the imported products; this is called a "distribution channel". Grey Market refers to merchandise that is imported and sold by methods other than normal channels.

Safety Concerns:
For local safety regulations and certifications and government requirements a manufacturer provides special packaging (manuals in the appropriate language, power cables designed for the local plugs, etc.) and product engineering designed to meet local codes. Manufacturers also have service and support agreements with the authorised importer.
Grey Market items are not designed to be sold in a particular market
and cannot be supported by the authorised importer because they may not meet mandatory safety and certification codes. Because these items are not designed for a particular market they may not function properly, or the authorised importer may not be equipped to provide service, support or software.

Added Costs:
With the opening of international borders and the use of the Internet to sell goods, Grey Market equipment has become extremely common in the photographic and consumer electronics markets. Many different types of equipment are brought into Australia for sale without the proper documentation and Australian consumers do not always know what they are purchasing.
Because the resellers' cost is less they can sell Grey Market items for less.
Unfortunately this price savings is often only on the initial purchase; because service and support is more difficult to obtain it may end up costing the consumer more in the long run.


How do I know if my product is "Grey Market"?

If the deal was just too good to be true, it probably was. One of the first indicators that a piece of merchandise might be Grey Market is if the price is considerably less than most other resellers.
Additionally, a genuine product will include an Owners' Manual and Registration card in English. It will also include power cables (if applicable) designed for Australian style plugs. Any other language on the printed material or wrong cables indicates a Grey Market item.
Another indication of a Grey Market product would be photocopied manuals or manually created software CD's.


How Does "Grey Market" Stock Affect Me?

Generally Grey market goods have no factory warranty, and receive no customer support from the legitimate importer.
In the case of digital cameras, you probably won't be able to get software and firmware updates, and may not be able to get service for it no matter how much you are willing to pay, because the very specialised parts and service jigs, firmware and software are only available directly from the legitimate importer, or the manufacturer.


How Is Ted's Different?

 Here at Ted's, we only sell Genuine Australian Stock from the Authorised Australian Suppliers.

This means you can Buy With Confidence knowing that if something goes wrong, you can Return Your Camera to Any Ted's Store Nationwide, or to any of the Authorised Australian Repair Centres.