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The best telephoto lenses | Canon, Sony & Nikon

Photographing faraway subjects? Then meet your new best friend: telephoto lenses. With a standard range of 60mm to 135mm - and even some amazing 500mm and 800mm lenses - telephotos lenses have the longest magnification on the market. The bigger the number, the more magnified the lens, letting you capture action-packed scenes in perfect clarity.

A favourite among sports and wildlife photographers, telephoto lens come in both prime and zoom varieties. If you often shoot fast-moving subjects - like athletes - consider investing in a telephoto zoom lens. That way, you’ll be able to adapt to the scene in front of you and quickly frame your photos with ease. Next time you’re at a sporting event, check the photographer’s pit - there’s a good chance the professionals will be using the high-end Canon long lenses or Nikon telephoto lenses! If your subjects are a little more predictable, a prime telephoto lens might be the perfect choice.

Another common use for telephoto lens is street photography. If you’re interested in taking your urban photos to the next level, consider buying or renting an 85mm telephoto lens. The focal length will help you to put some distance between you and the subject, snap candid photos, and shoot from interesting, elevated positions. You can also use an 85mm lens for depth and detail in your portrait photography.