Top 5 Film & Instant Cameras in 2024

6 June 2023

Stepping into the intricate world of film photography can be an enriching yet overwhelming endeavour, particularly when choosing a suitable film camera. Despite the rise of digital cameras in the last decades, disposable cameras and instant cameras have staged an impressive resurgence, illustrating that tradition still holds its charm.

If you are just starting out or even if you are a seasoned pro looking to switch to film photography or instant photography, this comprehensive guide has been meticulously crafted to help you pick out the best instant camera or best film camera for your needs. Whether you’re looking for the best point-and-shoot film camera, a fun instant camera, or need the best film camera for beginners, this guide is here to help you.

How to choose a film camera

Selecting a film camera in today's market, where both vintage and modern models coexist, can be daunting. What makes a good film camera? The variety can be overwhelming, especially given film photography's technical complexities and nuances. To aid you in this intricate process, we aim to provide detailed, insightful information to make your decision-making informed and efficient.


Whether you're eyeing a vintage piece or a newly-manufactured model, durability remains paramount in choosing a film camera. For instance, a modern film camera such as the Kodak H35 Half Frame 35mm demonstrates a sturdy build quality and reliable performance, just as one would expect from a brand with a rich photographic legacy. It's important to remember that checking for a camera's overall operational condition – from shutter speeds to film advance mechanisms – is crucial for ensuring a long-lasting photography experience.

Top 5 Film & Instant Cameras in 2023Top 5 Film & Instant Cameras in 2023
Top 5 Film & Instant Cameras in 2023Top 5 Film & Instant Cameras in 2023

Lens Quality

The lens is undeniably a cornerstone of your photographic journey. It directly impacts the quality and aesthetics of your final image. Therefore, prioritising a camera equipped with a high-quality lens is fundamental. 

Instant film cameras have come a long way since their inception in the  80s, making the Fuji Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera and Fuji SQ1 Square Instant Camera great options for convenience and quality. 

These cameras come with fixed lenses designed to deliver crisp and vibrant photos, perfect for capturing cherished moments instantaneously. Pay attention to lens characteristics such as maximum aperture and focal length range, as they contribute greatly to the versatility of your camera.

Manual Controls

Film photography offers a rich experience, intertwining technical know-how with artistic expression. A salient aspect of this experience is the presence of manual focus controls

While some instant cameras offer fewer manual adjustments than traditional 35mm film cameras, they provide simple and intuitive controls, which can still be gratifying for photographers who value ease of use and spontaneity. 

It's important to understand that your choice here would depend on how deeply you wish to engage with the technicalities of the craft and balance that with the simplicity and convenience you desire.

Top 5 Film & Instant Cameras in 2023Top 5 Film & Instant Cameras in 2023

Our top 5 film & instant cameras

#1 Kodak M38 Reusable 35mm Film Camera

For those setting sail on the thrilling voyage of film photography or those seeking to reignite their passion for this traditional medium, the Kodak M38 Reusable 35mm Film Camera makes a compelling choice. Appearing deceptively simple, the Kodak M38 offers a potent blend of user-friendly features and robust construction that will satisfy both novice photographers and experienced film enthusiasts alike.

At first glance, the Kodak M38 impresses with its clean lines and striking aesthetics. But it's the camera's internals and functionality that truly set it apart. Equipped with a fixed focus lens with a focal length of 31mm and an aperture of f10, the camera ensures sharp images across a wide range of shooting scenarios. Further, with a shutter speed of 1/120 seconds and a minimum focus distance of 1 meter, you have considerable flexibility and control over your shots.

Top 5 Film & Instant Cameras in 2023Top 5 Film & Instant Cameras in 2023

The M38's distinct attribute lies in its reusable nature. Unlike disposable film cameras, the Kodak M38 can be reloaded with fresh 35mm film once you've completed a roll, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice for the long term.

For those seeking hands-on film experience, the M38 provides manual film winding and rewinding features. This imbues the photographic process with a certain nostalgic charm and allows you greater control over your film's exposure.

Furthermore, the camera's built-in flash, which can be easily turned on and off, ensures you're never caught off guard by challenging lighting conditions. In addition, the camera's optical viewfinder provides a clear, accurate representation of your shot, making composition a breeze.

Despite these features, the Kodak M38 remains delightfully portable and lightweight. Weighing in at a mere 116 grams and measuring 114 x 63 x 35 mm, it is designed for on-the-go photography, always ready to capture life's unexpected moments.

Running on a single AAA battery, the Kodak M38 is a testament to the fact that simplicity and performance can indeed coexist. Whether you're just beginning your film photography journey or looking to add a versatile piece to your existing collection, the Kodak M38 is a model worth serious consideration and one of the best film cameras for beginners.

#2 Kodak H35 Half Frame 35mm Film Camera

The Kodak H35 Half Frame 35mm Film Camera is a fascinating prospect in film photography. With its ability to deliver twice the number of frames per film roll, this compact piece of equipment offers an enticing proposition for both photography novices and seasoned film enthusiasts.

The Kodak H35 stands out primarily due to its half-frame functionality. This feature effectively doubles the capacity of your standard 35mm film roll, boosting it from 36 to an impressive 72 exposures. This introduces a cost-effective approach to film photography and minimises the need for frequent film reloading – an essential advantage for the travelling photographer.

At the heart of this camera is a fixed 22mm f/9.5 wide-angle lens, capable of capturing a broad range of subjects and suitable for various lighting conditions. Whether framing urban landscapes or capturing close-up portraits, this lens is versatile enough to meet your needs.


Further enhancing the camera's user-centric design is the integrated flash, ready to illuminate indoor and outdoor shots whenever required. The H35 ensures you're well-equipped to handle changing lighting situations, promoting versatility and creative freedom.

Despite its rich feature set, the Kodak H35 remains notably compact and lightweight. Its retro, travel-friendly design is a perfect companion for those spontaneous photographic moments, ready to slip into a pocket or bag at a moment's notice.

Additionally, the Kodak H35 incorporates an optical viewfinder, allowing easy and accurate framing of your images – even in challenging, backlit conditions. These thoughtful inclusions underscore the camera's appeal for beginners and those seeking a fuss-free film experience.

Conveniently powered by a single AAA battery, the Kodak H35 presents itself as a practical, economical, and enjoyable entryway into the world of half-frame film photography. Whether paired with a black and white or colour negative 35mm film, the H35 invites you to experience the unique, textural aesthetics that only film can offer.

#3 Fuji Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera

If you're drawn to the immediacy and tangible joy of instant photography, the Fuji Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera could be the perfect fit for you. Renowned for its remarkable image quality and effortless operation, this camera is a testament to Fujifilm's dedication to merging convenience with aesthetic appeal.

The Mini 12's charming design comes in various colours, allowing you to express your personality through your images and camera choice. Its compact dimensions and lightweight, just 306 grams, make it a practical companion for any photography adventure.

The camera's main allure is its ability to produce well-exposed photographs across various lighting conditions - they even make for a fantastic addition to your wedding. Equipped with automatic adjustments for shutter speed and flash output, the Instax Mini 12 intuitively tailors itself to your current shooting situation. This feature ensures consistent image quality, whether you're capturing the vibrancy of an indoor party or the broad vistas of outdoor landscapes.

The Instax Mini 12 also brings versatility to your photographic endeavours, offering a dedicated close-up mode for subjects 30-50cm away. A simple lens twist activates this feature, ensuring your subject remains centred in the frame. This intuitive function makes it easy to capture intricate details and intimate portraits.

Moreover, the camera integrates a selfie mirror for those delightful self-portraits and adjusts the flash output accordingly to guarantee optimal exposure for your selfies. These user-friendly elements make the Instax Mini 12 a leading choice and one of the best instant point-and-shoot film cameras.

The Fuji Instax Mini 12 runs on readily available AA batteries, ensuring you can keep your camera powered wherever your travels take you. It's compatible with Fujifilm's Instax Mini Instant Film range, offering an assortment of borders to further personalise your images.

To maximise your enjoyment and ease of use, the Instax App allows you to scan, organise, and share your favourite Instax images online, creating a digital gallery of your instant photography journey.

The Instax Mini 12 offers a delightful blend of style, functionality, and accessibility, enabling you to confidently enter the enchanting world of instant photography.

#4 Fuji SQ1 Square Instant Camera

The Fuji SQ1 Square Instant Camera presents a fresh take on instant photography with its unique ability to capture and instantly print square photos. The camera's minimalistic design and intuitive features make it easily approachable, yet its square format adds an extra dimension of creativity to your photography.

This camera offers a user-friendly experience akin to its predecessor, the SQ6. It carves its niche with a sleek design and uniquely square photographs, offering a larger canvas for your creative expression. This is a fantastic option for a simple yet distinctive point-and-shoot film camera.

The Instax SQ1 is a noteworthy addition to the Instax square format range. It is compatible with Instax SQ film, yielding beautiful instant images that are 2.4 inches by 2.4 inches. If you've admired the ease of use and results delivered by the popular SQ6, you'll appreciate the fresh new design and colour palette of the SQ1.

Featuring a simple auto exposure system, the Instax SQ1 promises a smooth learning curve, so you can start capturing stunning instant images from the get-go. The camera's selfie mode can be activated by rotating the lens ring twice, eliminating the need for additional equipment or accessories.

As with other models in the Fujifilm Instax range, the SQ1 provides a fun and straightforward way to delve into analogue photography. With no LCD screen to compose or review images, you'll rely on the optical viewfinder for classic eye-level framing.

Ergonomic considerations such as an easy-to-locate and fire shutter release and a comfortable thumb grip make using the SQ1 a delight. If you're seeking an analogue camera that melds simple operation with a twist of creative innovation, the Fuji SQ1 Square Instant Camera may be the perfect match.

#5 Polaroid NOW 600 Instant Camera

The Polaroid NOW 600 Instant Camera marries the enduring charm of instant photos with modern features. Known for its superior lens quality and array of creative customisation features, this camera reinvents the classic Polaroid experience for today's photographers.

The Polaroid NOW 600's iconic design, autofocusing capabilities, double exposure function, and nostalgic, large square prints stand out. It offers a unique way to capture and instantly print your treasured memories.

The Polaroid NOW is designed to simplify instant photography, even incorporating an autofocus feature for sharp, well-defined photos. As is characteristic of Polaroid, the camera retains the magic of the moment, enabling you to produce vivid, physical copies of your cherished memories.

To boost your creativity, the Polaroid NOW supports double exposures, allowing you to capture two moments in a single frame. The self-timer function means you can also step in front of the lens for group shots and selfies.

The Polaroid NOW boasts an accurate flash system to ensure well-exposed images across diverse lighting conditions. You can shoot up to 15 packs of film between charges with a long-lasting lithium battery. This retro-styled instant camera showcases a familiar Polaroid aesthetic, while its optical viewfinder enables precise framing for perfect shots every time.

Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a newbie stepping into the world of instant photography, the Polaroid NOW 600 Instant Camera offers a reliable, user-friendly, and fun experience.

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Why is film photography popular again?

Top 5 Film & Instant Cameras in 2023Top 5 Film & Instant Cameras in 2023

In a world where digital technology pervades every aspect of our lives, it might seem paradoxical that film photography has been experiencing a robust revival. Yet, the tactile allure of film and its unique attributes are qualities digital photography has struggled to mimic.

So, what triggers this substantial shift back to film among amateur and professional photographers? The charm of film photography lies in its distinctive aesthetic. The grainy texture, vibrant colours, and wide dynamic range are difficult to replicate with digital means. Additionally, film photography encourages a more mindful and deliberate approach to image creation. It is a discipline that commands patience, precision, and a high degree of intentionality.

How to develop film

For analogue enthusiasts, Ted's Cameras is your go-to destination for film processing. Drop off your 35mm and APS films at any of our stores, and our trained staff will handle the developing, scanning, and printing process with expertise.

Preserving the beauty of film photography is our priority. We understand the value of each frame and treat your films with care and respect. Once developed, we offer scanning services to provide digital copies of your images for easy sharing and archiving.

Ted's Cameras also offers a range of printing options powered by Lifepics. We have the perfect format to showcase your film photographs, from photo books to posters and mugs. Enjoy the convenience of accessing our printing services in-store, online, or through Ted's Printing app.

Top 5 Film & Instant Cameras in 2023Top 5 Film & Instant Cameras in 2023

Trust us to transform your film photos into tangible works of art. With our dedication to quality and state-of-the-art equipment, your analogue memories are in good hands at Ted's Cameras. Embrace the timeless allure of film photography, and let us bring your photos to life.

Choose Ted's Cameras for comprehensive film processing and printing services. Preserve your analogue memories with precision and cherish them for years to come. Visit Ted's Printing Services for more information.

Ready to try film photography?

Armed with insights into the best film cameras on the market, it's time for you to choose the camera that resonates with your needs and sparks your creative spirit.  While there is no 'one size fits all' film camera, there likely exists the perfect film camera or instant camera just for you. We invite you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of film photography today! 

Film photography transcends the act of capturing mere images – it’s about crafting each shot with thoughtfulness, treasuring the process, and creating something uniquely personal. Browse Ted's Cameras website to find the best film camera for you, and use our Printing Services to develop your work of art!

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