10 Instax Camera Wedding Photo Ideas

12/07/2019 3:04 pm

Looking for some fun wedding photo ideas? Or wondering how to make your wedding unique? Here’s why instant Polaroid cameras like Fujifilm's Instax are the perfect addition to anyone’s big day.


There’s nothing like a wedding to bring people together, have some fun and make amazing memories to cherish for years to come - and taking and sharing photos is one of the best ways to capture those memories. Instax cameras are a great, easy way to inject some fun and personality into a wedding. 


Producing super charming, wallet-sized photos in just a matter of moments, Instax cameras can help make your wedding unforgettable - from supplying instant wedding reception decorating ideas like table names, place cards and photo walls, to providing endless entertainment and memories for guests.


At Ted’s Cameras, we’re a surprisingly romantic bunch - so here are our top 10 creative ways to use Instax cameras at a wedding:

1. Get your guests involved

Here’s a fun wedding reception idea: place a few Instax cameras around the room, leave some extra film on tables, and tell your guests to start snapping. This will encourage everyone to have some fun and create their own special memories of your big day - as well as supply you with a unique perspective of the party for you to enjoy afterwards!


The Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay Instant Camera is a great choice for this idea, allowing your guests to experience the joy of instant wedding photos in a modern way. The Mini LiPlay has 30 fun frame options to will add character to your photographs, plus you can record and attach sound to your images!


2. Have a wedding polaroid photo station

Share the love with a wedding polaroid station, or have presentation points available for use throughout your party’s proceedings. This can be as simple as a wall with some blu tack, or some string and pegs for a unique wedding reception idea on a budget. Having space for guests to present their photographs after they have been captured takes their involvement in proceedings to the next level.

3. Capture multiple angles of your most special moments

Having Instax cameras available for use at your wedding is not only fun and lighthearted, but also invaluable for capturing your special day from every angle. You can encourage your guests to fire off a shot of milestone moments - such as your first dance, or the cake cutting - from wherever they stand or sit, providing you with instant photos for your wedding, and a collection of multi-angle memories to re-live.


10 Creative Wedding Party Ideas With an Instax Camera

4. Set up a polaroid wedding photo booth

With a simple backdrop and a few props, you’ll have a fun polaroid wedding photo booth for endless amounts of wedding reception entertainment. If your wedding party consists of some shy or introverted types, this could be all the encouragement they need.


One of the best instant cameras for photo booths is the Fujifilm Instax 300 Wide Instant Camera, which can produce vivid images with a wider point of view for fun group photos.

5. Creat spontaneous, unique wedding albums

The glory of Instant photography is obviously its immediacy. Place a simple brag book style photo album here and there, and encourage your guests to fill them up. In the end, you will have multiple ready-made wedding albums to cherish and enjoy.


The Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Camera in Tan will add a classic, classy old-world look to any wedding reception, and make it easy for your guests to snap stunning photographs with its advanced shooting features.


6. Provide a special Instax wedding guest book

An Instax wedding guest book is a great way for guests to let their emotions get the better of them and tell the happy couple how much they mean to them. Allowing them to pair these heartfelt messages with an Instax snap adds a little more dimension and finish to what will be one of your most treasured items for years to come.


7. Include Instax photos in your wedding reception decorations

Use your Instax camera to document all of the important events leading up to the wedding day, such as shopping for dresses or the engagement party. These images, captured in that classic Instax-style, make excellent decorations for tables, party favours, or as cake-toppers! Instax offers a range of colours for your film’s border, such as this sky blue Mini Instant Film- so you can easily match your photos to your colour scheme.

8. Add some personality to table markers or seating plans

This one will take a bit of creativity on your part, but see if you can incorporate Instax photography to let guests know where they are seated as a more unconventional wedding idea. This might take some extra organisation if you have a long guest list, so leave some additional time to see what you can come up with.


9. Get involved in the fun yourself

We know this is your big day and you’re not going to have time to get your DSLR out and start shooting. If you are a photography enthusiast, however, having an Instax camera loaded and ready at the bridal table gives you the opportunity to loosen up a little and have some fun on the night.


The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 makes selfie shooting simple, thanks to the inclusion of a handy mirror at the front of the lens - so you can be the life of the party and the heart of the photos at the same time!


10. Include Instax images in thank-you cards

When the honeymoon is over and you want to thank everyone who helped make your day so special, include a memorable Instax happy snap of your guests in their thank-you card - this will remind them of all the fun they had and how special their presence was to you.

10 Creative Wedding Party Ideas With an Instax Camera

Making memories to last a lifetime

Weddings are a wonderful time to celebrate with loved ones, reflect fondly on old memories, and make some new ones. With an instant polaroid camera like the Instax at your wedding, young and old guests alike can walk away with a special souvenir in their pocket - making your wedding truly unforgettable. For more insta-inspiration, check out our Top 5 Instant Film Cameras!


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