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About Oli

Oli Sansom is a photographer and director who currently divides his time between photographing weddings near and far, directing music videos, running workshops, and creating apps that will help photographers do things better and stay inspired within their craft.

A Moran Prize Finalist and Capture Magazines Emerging photographer of the year in 2014, he is a strong believer in personal work of any scale, because of how instantly learnings can come out that feed into other work that might seem unrelated, and how it can help to create a point of difference in your work: ever the more important with how fast things are now moving and how beautifully easy it is to create.

Oli believes its not about pigeon-holing ourselves as a “portrait” or “wedding” photographer but more about asking yourself the question: “isn’t it more useful to know a little bit of everything?”

Oli Sansom
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