Jason Lau

Jason Lau’s interest in photography began after shooting a film noir project at university. He soon discovered that he could create scenes and realities that did not exist previously.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Jason has been fortunate to work with some fantastic individuals and clients. He has been shooting for over 15 years in various genres, from personal projects to weddings and nowadays focusing on fashion and motorcycles.

Working in multiple genres has taught him to be very competent, as the demands and concepts change every day. Jason tries to push himself with every job, either by trying something different or by trying to create something that people will remember. When he gets some free time (which is not too often) he tries to return to personal projects, exploring visual ideas that are not necessarily commercial in style but important to him!

Jason has also worked as an educator for over 10 years, sharing his experience and knowledge of photography with young students and adults. It gives him great joy to see someone’s spark of creativity ignite in front of him and in turn, they become someone he learns from. Recently, he started writing for a well-known photography blog, which is proving to be an interesting challenge!

Photography has become his passport to the world, opening up opportunities he never thought possible.


What's in his bag?

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