About Ben

Ben is a wedding and portrait photographer, and perhaps the only professional photographer you know with a Marine Engineering Degree. Ben's journey in photography started back in 1998, almost out of necessity.

After a near fatal skydiving accident in 2002, Ben's focus moved from action photography to wedding photography. Starting in the wedding industry in 2004 with no formal training shooting wedding videos, then in 2010 making the transition to photography, he's thrived as an award-winning professional wedding and portrait photographer ever since.

His style of photography has been described as modern glamour meets rich & colourful. Ben is a believer in what he calls invisible photoshop, a "purist" photographer choosing to amplify the many natural elements of an image as opposed to creating or adding them in after. He chooses to think outside the box in order to create unique and beautifully crafted photographs that are well lit, well posed and will remain stylish and timeless so they can be appreciated for years to come.

Although having no real formal training Ben has worked hard to establish himself and his business with success and awards. In the past two years, he has received 25 national and international awards and placings in WPPI and AIPP competitions.
He has also been announced as a brand ambassador for international companies such as Fundy Software Inc (Fundy Storyteller) and Selens Online.

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What's In Ben's Bag:

  • Selens Grids & Gels
  • Profoto TTL-C Air Remote
  • 2 x Lightstands
  • Manfrotto Tripod
  • 3 x Fractal Filters Prisms
  • High intensity 1500 lumen led torch
  • LED Blacklight 

  • 2 x Westcott Ice lights 

  • 2 x 5 in 1 reflectors

Ben's Favourite Product

Profoto A1 AIR TTL Lighting Kit

A versatile choice for studio lighting, this Profoto A1 Air TTL studio light can be used both on or off camera with equally pleasing results. With lightning-fast recycle times and High Speed Sync support, this light can not just keep up with the action, but also freeze it in its tracks.

The large, round head of the unit can tilt and rotate, resulting in the natural quality of light that is a benefit and a drawcard of this superb lighting kit.

The powerful built-in rechargeable battery keeps you firing for up to 350 full-power shots, while the built-in transceiver and the air remote provide a wealth of remote functionality, including a firing range of up to 300m..