Using Photography and Video to Take Your Business Online

15/05/2020 6:21 am

It's no secret that having an active social media and blossoming online presence is essential to a business reaching its full potential. With Photography and Video being viewed heavily on these platforms, we have put together some tips on how you can improve your content to make the most of your posts.



If you have had to close your doors recently and are anxious to put your business in a good position to come out the other side, hopefully, these tips can provide you with a good place to start.

Stay active on social media

People are spending plenty of time online, so by popping up regularly in their social media feeds, you are sure to stay fresh in their mind. Facebook and Instagram are good places for reminding people or your business and the service that you offer.


On these image-heavy sites, you can keep your audience engaged by using appropriate hashtags, and offering giveaways and fun competitions. Not only will this keep your business on the map, but your customers will enjoy engaging with you actively.

Using photography and video to take your business online

Looking for ideas? How about providing your audience with a hashtag to use when posting an image of them using your product. You can send a gift out to the most creative or the image with the most likes.

Work on your website or portfolio

Using photography and video to take your business online

Websites require constant attention to stay healthy and functioning properly. Now’s your chance to attend to any issues that have been taking a back seat in recent times. From a photography viewpoint, it’s worth noting that people buy with their eyes. If you don’t have professionally shot photos of your product, you can try to take your own.

To capture the best product photography, lighting and background choice are of equal importance as camera and lens choice. Consider a portable lighting studio, which is a cheap and easy option to improve the quality of your images. Larger products or more professional results will require full studio lighting setups and backdrops.

Post video reviews of your products



Carefully planned and executed video reviews of your products, posted to your YouTube channel is the online equivalent of a salespeople discussing features face to face in-store. You can focus on individual products, do product round-ups, or even share hints and tips which your customers may find useful - it doesn’t have to be all technical jargon!


If you like this idea but don’t know where to start, we have put together our top 5 Vlogging tips for beginners. It has everything from gear advice, to how to plan and script a successful vlog.

Using photography and video to take your business online

Post some candid photos and videos

Using photography and video to take your business online


 Fill in the time between your more important posts by sharing some behind the scenes photos of you and the crew hard at work, or making use of your products. Unlike your video reviews, these videos can be short and not scripted, and they will serve as a gentle reminder of your brand.

When posting images online, remember it is important for your work to be eye-catching and professional, so don’t rush and post blurry happy snaps. Using a phone mount and stand or a gimbal is a great way to boost the production values of even the most off-hand moment.

Grow your business online today

Whether you are using photo and video to capture your business on-site or you need tips on how to improve your photography while at home, Ted’s Photography blog frequently shared tips and advice, so check back regularly.


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