Top Photographers To Follow On Social Media

7 October 2014 4:03:18 PM AEDT

Photographers have had a love-hate relationship with social media in the past. There are a lot of photographers that refuse to use it due to the various social media companies and their terms of service, but there are others that have really relished it and have become very popular on the different mediums.

The team from Eyefi cards have compiled a list in conjunction with Marketing Agency Evolve of those photographers that are most influential on social media.

There is a wide range of photographers mentioned from all areas of Photography and from all across the world, with Nashville USA native Jeremy Cowart topping the list.

It is good to see that a couple of Australian Photographers have made the list including the amazing Jerry Ghionis and the beautiful Sue Bryce.

They have also created an all in one Twitter list for you to follow and be kept up to date with what all these photographers are up to.

Finally if 30 photographers weren’t enough to follow, there is also a list of the top 100 most socially influential photographers that you can check out at the bottom of the page. It has their website and social media accounts listed so you can discover your new favourite photographer to follow.

See the full list here:


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