Ted’s Top 5 Tips to Photographing Your Kids

1/05/2020 9:11 am

Many of the customers that visit our stores or chat to us online have a common request - they have kids and they desperately want to learn how to take beautiful photos of them.

Well, we are here to tell you that it can be done and these 5 tips are a great starting point.

1. Understand your camera settings

We know, this sounds easier said than done but having an understanding of basic camera settings is a must for taking good photographs of any subject.


While this may sound daunting to a beginner, the good news is you only need to get as involved in this as you feel comfortable, at this stage. Look out for dedicated “Portrait” or even “Kid” modes on your camera - these settings will automatically produce pleasing skin tones, or sharper action shots accordingly.


Ted's top 5 tips to photographing your kids

More adventurous users may want to attempt shooting in aperture priority, or shutter priority mode to fine-tune these results, remembering this:


  • A larger aperture is a smaller number - this is good for blurry backgrounds.
  • A faster shutter speed helps you freeze more active kids in the midst of the action.

2. Photograph your kids in action

Ted's top 5 tips to photographing your kids

We mentioned this in our pet photography tips, and the same goes with photographing kids, try to capture them having fun and being active.


No, this doesn’t mean you have to shoot them hurdling or sprinting, unless athletics is their thing. We just mean to take photos of them doing their favourite thing, whether that is drawing, cooking or just playing with their toys.


This will help them to relax and act naturally, and you will have captured a memory of them at their happiest.

3. Think about your lighting

Lack of lighting is the main cause of dark, grainy and even blurry images. The easiest way to combat this is to head outdoors if this is possible. If you must shoot indoors, position your child near an open window to use some natural light to illuminate their face.


Try not to rely too heavily on your camera’s pop-up flash, as it will often produce harsh results and deep shadows. It can be handy though if you just require a little bit of fill light.

Ted's top 5 tips to photographing your kids

Further to this, you shouldn't be afraid to use an external lighting source, such as a speedlight. By getting a handle of more advanced flash techniques, such as bounce flash, you will be poised to capture beautiful, well-exposed images, at any time of the day.

4. Think about composition

Ted's top 5 tips to photographing your kids

Composition is what separates the masterpieces from the happy-snaps. It can take some getting used to, but you should try to think outside the box a little and avoid positioning your kids in the same position in the frame and shooting from the same old angle.


Get down low to their level to try and capture a more unique perspective, or see if you can position them closer to the edges of the frame as opposed to dead in the centre. For further reading on this point, investigate commonly used techniques, such as the rule of thirds or the rule of odds.

5. Relax and have fun!

Kids feed off your energy. We know you want your photos to be perfect but it is counterintuitive to become tense and force the issue. Kids will react negatively to your anxiety and the result will be poor images and a poor time had by all.


Make it light and fun - put on your favourite Spotify playlist and move around the room. If you treat the photography as secondary to having a good time, everyone can be themselves and your images will benefit from the natural, laid-back feel.

Ted's top 5 tips to photographing your kids

Start photographing your kids in the right light today

If you and your kids are restless around the house and are keen to pass the time with photography, Ted's camera stores has the gear you need, including the latest DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

If you are looking for more creative ways to stay busy at home, stop by our blog regularly.


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