Ted’s Top 5 Pet Photography Tips

23/04/2020 6:42 am

Pets; they are the other loves of our life. As well as being furry, friendly and fun, they never complain too much when forced into long, boring photo shoots. But how can you use your photography skills to bring out the best in them?

Find our top 5 tips to mastering pet photography below.

1. Photograph your pet doing something that they love



Pets, like us, wear their hearts on their sleeves and emotions on their faces. If you want to capture lovely memories of you and your pet enjoying time together, schedule your shoot during their favourite activity, such as a game of fetch or walk on the beach.


Engage with them as you normally would during these playful times. Pause for pats and to throw the stick that they have dropped at your feet. This moment should feel like any other that the two of you share. You’ll get your shot and keep your relationship intact simultaneously.

Top 5 pet photography tips

2. Use a fast shutter speed

Top 5 pet photography tips



Pets are like kids, they are always on the move. A fast shutter speed is the key to freezing them in action. An understanding of the exposure triangle will help you set this up in unison with your aperture and ISO, but if this is too advanced for you at this stage, we recommend switching your camera from automatic to shutter priority mode.


Play around with your shutter speed to see what works but a good starting point is 1/125 of a second or faster.

3. Focus on the eyes



They don't call them puppy dog eyes for nothing! Like a good portrait, a good pet photo will more often than not have the eyes as the focal point. If your pet's eyes are not clear or in focus, some of the impact of the photo will be taken away.


This tip is very hard to master for action shots, so this is one to keep in mind during your furry friend’s down-time. If your shoot is during play-time, aim for a moment in which they are looking up at the camera at the very least.

Top 5 pet photography tips

4. Get down to their level

Top 5 pet photography tips


Shots taken of your pet from your greater height can work to emphasise their smaller stature but you have likely taken these shots many times before. Have you considered crouching down to meet them face on?


This composition tip of finding a differing perspective helps you capture your pet in their own world, and encourage them to engage more with the camera.

If your pet is the savvy modern kind with dozens of followers, these shots will be their most liked and are a sure-fire way of growing their Instagram page.

5. Go outdoors!



This may sound obvious to some of you, but many people still complain about their photos being dark and grainy. The solution is to let more light in. With the sun being the best light source, a trip into the backyard can really improve the overall quality of your photographs.


This tip plays into some of our earlier tips too, as more light allows you to use faster shutter speeds, and your four-legged friend probably prefers to be outdoors rather than stuck inside all day.

Top 5 pet photography tips

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