Fujifilm EF-X500 Flash For X Series

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In another exciting new release from Fuji, comes this high-end hotshoe mounted flash - just the product that many X-series users have been asking for. This flash, the Fuji EF-X500 features the type of functionality you would expect from a top-of-the-range artificial lighting supply, including a guide number of 50, high-speed flash sync, wireless multi-flash, a tilting bounce head, and weather-resistant construction - pairing nicely with the similarly rugged X-T2. Add another new arsenal to your beloved Fuji kit and likewise, a new dimension to your photography skills.

  • Guide Number: 50
  • Powered by 4x AA batteries
  • Wireless multi flash TTL
  • LED video/AF Assist light
  • High-speed flash sync

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A welcome addition to this popular line

Answering the prayers of Fuji X series users the world over, comes this multi-function high-end flash, the Fuji EF-X500. This much anticipated release from Fuji fills one of few remaining voids within this popular compact system range and pairs nicely with other recent Fuji releases, like the X-Pro 2 and X-T2.

Build quality typical of the X series

Much like the previously mentioned X-T2, this flash is dust and weather-resistant, allowing for carefree and confident usage in a variety of shooting conditions. This flash is well-suited to a life in the studio, but also a life on the road and in the elements. Along with most of the items within the Fuji X range, the EF-X500 manages to achieve its sturdy build-quality without sacrificing its compact and lightweight form factor. Designed with a low center of gravity, this flash will feel right at home on your Fuji body and will not do anything to ruin the enjoyment you get out of shooting with such a portable camera.

The Fuji EF-X500 in use

As expected from a modern top-of-the-range flash, the EF-X500 is multi-functional allowing for limitless creative shooting. Firstly it has a strong output, with a guide number of 50 (ISO 100 - M) and a zoom range of 24-105mm. It features a bounce head that can be tilted to each angle at various degrees, to help you control the direction of the flash output and considerably alter the effect and final result. The EF-X500 also has an LED light which can be used as an AF assist beam or a Video light, perfect for when shooting the high quality video footage available on recent Fuji cameras.
Delving further into the advanced functionality of the flash, the EF-X500 is high-speed flash sync compatible, which means you can shoot at any shutter speed and still utilise the effects of the flash - ideal for capturing fast moving objects. Wireless multi-flash TTL is possible, allowing you to control multiple flashes in various set-ups and control the output of each unit in different ways - this is the ultimate in creativity, in terms of artificial lighting.

More Information
SKU 113180
Condition New
Available Colours Black
EAN 4547410322040
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) 74189
Dimensions 124.0mm (H) x 67.2mm (W) x 107.3mm (D)
Battery Type AA
Metering TTL
Lens Mount Fuji X
Guide Number 50
Pan Left 135°
Pan Right 180°
Tilt Down 10°
Tilt Up 90°
Wireless Master
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 YEAR

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