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Improve the quality of your videos with video lights
As any videographer or professional vlogger would know, good lighting is essential to produce quality content and videos. Video lighting provides a consistent quality of light so that you can film video at any time and any place. It will instantly enhance the quality of your footage, whether you’re recording on your DSLR, Mirrorless camera or even on your phone.

If you want to get the best lighting for a YouTube video, vlog, or professional video, the answer is to not always rely on natural lighting, as beautiful as it might be, but rather to invest in an LED video light.

How to get good video lighting
For the best results, opt for a video light that provides a continuous lighting output, so you can record your video knowing that illumination and colour temperature will remain stable while you shoot.

Let your creativity run free by choosing a versatile light that has adjustable lighting and colour temperature. Ted’s Cameras stock the best lighting equipment for video, including LED light panels which can be adjusted to provide your desired output.

For close-up videos, such as product videos and unboxings, LED ring lights are the perfect option. They provide an even spread of illumination and can emphasise small details. LED pocket lights and weather-sealed LED lights are also some of the best lights for YouTube videos and on-the-go vlogs. These compact video lights are ready to go on an adventure with you, helping you capture the best quality video results from any location.

Make the most of your video lights
To harness the power of more than one light source, try stacking your video lights using a light stand. What’s more, you can use your light in unison with other accessories to further improve the quality of your videos, such as an external microphone.

If you’re recording from a studio set, your LED video light can be supported off-camera by a light stand or tripod. For a more portable solution, consider video lighting equipment that can sit in your camera’s accessory shoe. This is the best option for vlogs and content creation on-the-go.

Lighting for YouTube videos is not just available for high-end camera equipment. They can also be paired with beginner-friendly devices, such as your smartphone. From clip-on LED lights to video lights that can be held in the palm of your free hand, the video lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, for all types of digital cameras and devices. For more tips, read our home video lighting guide here.

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