Landscape Photography - Sunrise & Sunset

14/05/2014 11:07 AM

In our last blog post we spoke about the right equipment you need to capture great landscape images.
Now we will take you through some of the best times of day to photograph. 

Picking the right time of day is crucial to be able to get the best photos as the light can vary depending on the time of day.

Sunrise and Sunset or Dawn and Dusk as they are also know are one of the best times to take Landscape photos as the light before the sunrises over the horizon or after the sun has set behind the horizon is full of vibrance and will cast amazing colors from the sun on to any cloud that is in the sky.

The light at this time does not last for long so you need to act fast as the light will be constantly changing.

In order to be able to know exactly what time Sunrise and Sunset are set to happen you can use a couple of different resources such as a website or app to plan to take photos on a certain day so you know what time the sun will be up.

Websites such as  are very helpful or even check out the Apple App Store or the Google Play for an App that you can use on your Tablet or Smart phone.

Some locations may be better suited for sunrise photos and some may be better for sunset due to the where the location faces on the compass and as a result the way the light then falls on your subject.

For example in Melbourne if you want to shoot landscape of the sunset/sunrise on the bay then you need to consider where the best light will fall. St Kilda is the best location to shoot the sunset looking west as it sets over the water, but if you want the setting sun light on your subject as you look east then this is perfect.

If you want to shoot the sunrise then you are better off being in Williamstown as you will get a better look at the sunrise as the light rays appear in the sky as the sunrises. Again if you want the light falling on your subject then you need to be facing west as the sun rises behind you.

Of course you may not always want to take photos in these two exact locations so how to do you work out easily when will be the best time to work with the light?

Then you need an app like Lightrac or again a website like this allows you to go anywhere in the world on a map and then see which direction the sun will rise and then set so you can plan to take the best images.



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