The Best iPhone Accessories for Photographers

10/12/2020 6:33 am

As mobile technology continues to evolve, smartphones are an increasingly important part of the modern photographer’s toolkit. From hobbyists to professionals, many photographers now rely on their smartphones to create videos and images that rival those taken by conventional cameras.

While iPhones and similar smartphones do a great job straight out of the box, there’s always room for improvement. At Ted’s Cameras, we stock a large range of handy smartphone accessories that can complement the capabilities of your phone’s camera and enhance image quality. Whether you’re a dedicated iPhonographer or are searching for a gift for your favourite shutterbug, check out our 6 best smartphone accessories for photography and content creation below.




Looking for a decent stocking filler or secret santa present? If this year calls for a Christmas gift on the cheap and cheerful side, the Black Eye 3-in-1 kit is a great option that won’t blow the budget - but will still give you the satisfaction that comes from giving a thoughtful gift. As the name suggests, this kit provides 3 different lenses, which is perfect for beginner smartphone photographers looking to experiment with different styles and effects. 


The 180-degree fisheye lens provides a unique and fresh look that is sometimes seen in extreme sport or dramatic landscape photography. The wide-angle lens provides a field of view commonly favoured by traditional landscapes, while this lens option unscrews to reveal a Macro lens, great for capturing detailed shots of the close-up world. 

The Best iPhone Accessories to Gift This Christmas



The Moza Smartphone vlogging kit transforms any smartphone into a fully-fledged content creating and live-streaming machine. As long as the smartphone being used features a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, you are set to start rolling with this handy kit of accessories. Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, there will be no desire to leave home without this full kit in tow, making it great for the travelling vlogger.


Included in this kit is a folding mini tripod, which doubles as a grip for stable handheld shooting, a directional microphone which assures the audio quality of the videos captured are as crisp and clear as the visual components, and a powerful 1000 lux LED light, which delivers consistent high-quality fill light - users will always look and sound at their best thanks to the Moza Smartphone vlogging kit.




The Joby Griptight mount 2 is a well-made mount that allows you to safely and securely attach your phone to a tripod support system. The mount facilitates most phones on the market, while a standard ¼”-20 tripod mount is at the bottom, making your tripod options virtually infinite.


Great for a multitude of mobile uses, including still photography, video and vlogging, the GripTight Pro 2 can easily switch between landscape and portrait orientations, as well as tilt so you can fine-tune the composition. This accessory is a stepping stone to getting more out of your smartphone camera, with a removable cold shoe mount included for adding mics, lights and other accessories, as well as space for a Gorillapod arm or other items with a ¼”-20 mount.

The Best iPhone Accessories to Gift This Christmas



Gimbals have become increasingly popular in recent times thanks to their ability to provide a high level of stability and smoothness in relatively portable packages. They’re ideal for taking the place of more expensive and cumbersome professional video gear. Most of us think of camera gimbals as tools for DSLR and Mirrorless cameras but they can also be put to great use with smartphones, as is the case with the DJI Osmo Mobile 3.


The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is lightweight and it features a folding design, which is great for portability. Thanks to its long 15-hour battery life, this Gimbal will still be eager to keep filming long after you decide that it’s a wrap and thanks to its unique 15-degree angle, it will be comfortable for you to keep doing so. A range of easy-to-use movements are available in the Osmo Mobile 3, so you will be able to fulfill your full creative potential - just download the DJI Mimo app to get started.

Know someone who can’t help but film everything they see? Then the Boya BY-DM200 Microphone might be the perfect gift for them. Lightweight and easy to use, this accessory plugs directly into iOS devices with a lightning connector so no extra equipment or cables are necessary. If your loved one already produces jaw-dropping cinematic scenes with their smartphone, help them capture pro-level audio to go with it.


Featuring a stereo X/Y design allows the Boya BY-DM200 microphone to produce sound that makes viewers feel like they are right there in the video - it really boosts the production level of any vlog. This portable external microphone comes with a handy carry pouch, so the content creator in your life will always have it safe and ready at their side as they go about their busy day.

The Best iPhone Accessories to Gift This Christmas

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