Ted's - Top 5 Travel Cameras

9 December 2021
Best Travel Cameras

It’s probably been a while since you last got away, so chances are if you are planning a trip soon, your camera could do with an update. In recent times the market has been flooded with pocketable cameras with versatile zoom lenses, wireless connectivity and high-resolution image sensors.

Here is our pick of the five cameras you should consider as your travel partner.

If you are planning a trip soon, it’s time to think about whether your camera could do with an upgrade! Chances are it’s going to be a holiday to remember, so taking a top-notch travel camera with you will ensure you can capture amazing photos of your trip.

Whether you are looking for something portable and pocketable when not in use, or you need something more versatile with interchangeable lenses, you don't have to look too far to find a great travel camera at Ted's. 

Here is our pick of the five cameras you should consider as your travel partner.

1. Panasonic Lumix TZ90

  • Compact Digital Camera
  • 20MP Image Sensor
  • 30x Optical Zoom
  • 4K Video Capture

Our number one pick goes to the overachieving Panasonic Lumix TZ90. If your experience with photography has been from behind a smartphone, get ready to be blown away with one of the best compact cameras for travel.

Ted's - Top 5 Travel CamerasTed's - Top 5 Travel Cameras

Born from a range of popular compact digital cameras custom-built by Panasonic for travel photography, the TZ90 is small enough to comfortably fit in most pockets, even with its massive 30x optical zoom lens from premium German camera manufacturer Leica. Combined with a 20MP image sensor, the Lumix TZ90 captures wide-scoping landscapes and epic close-ups with immense detail. Plus, with Ultra-HD 4K video capture built right in, it’s a remarkably versatile piece of kit.

The Panasonic TZ90 features 5-axis Optical Image Stabilisation to actively prevent camera shake while taking pictures or capturing video. If you’ve got shaky hands or enjoy being amongst the action, the TZ90 makes it possible for you to capture sharp, blur-free images in a range of conditions, even if you don't have time to set up your travel tripod

Throw in a touch-sensitive and tilting LCD screen, which can be easily angled for POV shots, and eye-level framing, thanks to its EVF (electronic viewfinder), and you’ve got one hell of a travel camera that is more than worthy of the number one spot.

2. Canon Powershot G7X III

Ted's - Top 5 Travel CamerasTed's - Top 5 Travel Cameras
  • Compact Digital Camera
  • 20MP 1-inch Stacked Image Sensor
  • 4.2x Optical Zoom
  • UHD 4K30p Video

Calling all photography enthusiasts and tech fanatics alike. The Canon Powershot G7X III is the best compact camera for travel. If you’ve been considering downsizing or don’t have room for your full-frame DSLR camera on your next travel adventure, perhaps it’s time to consider the Canon Powershot G7X III, arguably one of the best compact point and shoot cameras for travel.

Boasting brand new photographic technology in the form of a 20MP 1-inch stacked image sensor, which essentially doubles the detail captured in a single shot. This stacked sensor also benefits the UHD 4K video on offer. And with a highly versatile 4.2x zoom and a wide-open low-light friendly f1.8-2.8 aperture range, the Canon G7X III truly is a Powershooter.

Oh, and for those who love to travel vlog, you’ll be happy to know that the Canon Powershot G7X III comes standard with many content creation-friendly features. These include built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to your smartphone, a clean HDMI output for displaying raw video on the TV, vertical video recording for the perfect Instagram Reel or TikTok, an external mic input for crisp audio, and direct streaming to popular online platforms, such as YouTube. What more could you ask for?

3. Canon EOS M50

  • Mirrorless Camera
  • 24MP APS-C Sensor
  • EVF & Tilting, Touch-Sensitive LCD Screen
  • 4K Video

Mirrorless Cameras have been making waves throughout the world of photography, with many speculating they could outperform the gold standard, the DSLR. If you’re looking to get amongst this brand new technology and one of the best mirrorless cameras for travel, we can’t recommend the Canon EOS M50 enough.

Although maintaining a similar form factor to its DSLR ancestry and boasting an interchangeable mounting for Canon M lenses, the mirrorless EOS M50 is roughly half the size. Boasting a brand new Digic 8 processor and the same 24.2MP APS-C sensor found in Canon’s beginner-friendly DSLR cameras, you get all the bells and whistles of a much larger camera in a significantly smaller and lightweight form factor.

Selfie photographers and vloggers will adore both the UHD 4K video capture and the tilting touch-screen, allowing users to quickly compose landscapes, sceneries and more with greater precision than the electronic viewfinder. Add in a 5-Axis image stabilisation, and the EOS M50 demolishes image blur and camera shake to allow handheld shooting, even in the trickiest lighting conditions.

4. Nikon Z50

  • Mirrorless Camera
  • 20MP APS-C Sensor
  • EVF & Tilting, Touch-Sensitive LCD Screen
  • 4K Video Capture

Winner of the EISA Best Buy Camera Award for 2020-2021, the Nikon Z50 is another incredible addition to the world of mirrorless cameras. It is a fabulous choice for travel photographers and vloggers alike. 

Taking many of the epic features from the larger Z6 and Z7, Nikon has extended the Z-mount to the ultra-portable Z50. Although it rocks a smaller sensor than previous full-frame cameras, it more than makes up for it in its weightless form factor of fewer than 500 grams. And thanks to its rugged, weather-sealed construction, the Z50 is more than able to stand up to unpredictable weather conditions.

But what about camera specs? Well, the Z50 boasts a 20MP DX-format image sensor, a hybrid AF system and 11 frames per second continuous shooting, plus 4K Video capture at 30fps. Combined with its Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity, and Nikon's SnapBridge app, users can quickly and easily share their favourite travel snaps to friends and followers back home.

5. Sony A7C

  • Mirrorless Camera
  • 24MP Full-Frame Sensor
  • EVF & Tilting, Touch-Sensitive LCD Screen
  • 4K Video Capture

Don’t think we forgot about the incredible Sony A7 lineup of mirrorless cameras. A genuine trailblazing product, the Sony A7C takes a similarly portable approach while still maintaining its outstanding image quality pedigree. For the best camera and lens for travel photography, the A7C is clearly a contender.

Hosting a 24MP full-frame sensor inside a travel-friendly form factor, the Sony A7C is the most capable camera on this list. Its built-in image stabilisation and an advanced focus system of 693 phase-detection points allow users to capture professional-level image quality that is both sharp and free of distortion and blurring.

However, professional photographic capabilities come at a cost, especially since the Sony A7C can be purchased with or without a lens. If you’ve got the cash, you won’t be disappointed with its performance. But if you’re looking to save, look further up the list.

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