The Best Accessories for Photographers

16 December 2021

Camera accessories may not be the most glamorous items in our store but they may be exactly what you need to take your practice to the next level and take beautiful shots; any keen photographer can confirm this.

From reliable camera bags to sturdy tripods and more, here is a guide to the best photography accessories available in 2022.

Manfrotto MK Element Small Travel Tripod

The Best Accessories for PhotographersThe Best Accessories for Photographers

The Manfrotto MK Element small travel tripod is perfect for anyone who has previously avoided carrying a tripod due to the fear of adding unnecessary size and weight to their photography kit. This tripod folds down to a very manageable 32cm when not in use, while it can still attain a respectable maximum height when needed, so users can frame from various inventive angles to find the right composition for their shot.

Other features that will appeal to first-time tripod users include a quick and easy to use ball and socket head, 3 separate leg angles and generous 4KG payload, which is a match for most mirrorless and DSLR kits.

Vanguard Veo 3 GO 235AB

Another tripod that we would be happy to add to our kits is the Vanguard Veo 3 GO 235AB. This Vanguard tripod features 5-section legs, which helps it to fold down to a compact size when not needed as well as reach an impressive height when called upon. Opening and closing the legs is fast and easy thanks to the twist leg locks, while the 3 separate leg angles of this tripod as just as easy to implement, so you can find steady footing on any terrain.

This Vanguard tripod features a mirrorless and DSLR-friendly 4KG payload, but it can also be used to provide support to your readily available smartphone, thanks to the included smartphone adapter and Bluetooth remote to help with mobile content creation.

The Best Accessories for PhotographersThe Best Accessories for Photographers

Vanguard Vesta 14 Shoulder Bag

The Best Accessories for PhotographersThe Best Accessories for Photographers

At Ted's, we take the cleaning and caring for your camera very seriously, which is why we always recommend you purchase a high-quality, protective camera bag, like this Vanguard Vesta 14 Shoulder Bag. This shoulder-style carry bag is suitable for DSLR and Mirrorless gear and it has been designed to allow you to carry your favourite camera and lens combination, as well as one additional lens so you can prepare yourself to take on any subject.

Important features that set this Vanguard bag apart from its competition include fast and easy access to your gear via the top compartment, both a belt loop and shoulder strap as carrying options, and a rain cover to keep you traveling with your camera in outdoor conditions.

Crumpler Triple A 3800 Camera Sling Bag

Crumpler camera bags are notable for being both stylish and simplistic, the Triple A 3800 is a perfect example of this. A sling-style camera bag, the Triple A 3800 is comfortable to carry at your side, which equates to quick and easy access to all of your gear while you travel or make your way through town. This means less time fumbling around for your gear when the perfect photo op arises.

This spacious camera bag has room for DSLR or Mirrorless kits with a few lens options in the main compartment, as well as a dedicated tablet sleeve, and both an internal mesh pocket and external zip pockets for essential accessories, such as spare batteries and memory cards. This Crumpler product is available in a number of stylish colour options, so you can find one that best expresses your personality.

The Best Accessories for PhotographersThe Best Accessories for Photographers

Lume Cube 2.0 LED Light Kit

The Best Accessories for PhotographersThe Best Accessories for Photographers

Artificial lighting is the perfect way to create bright and vibrant photos and videos at any time, without having to worry about what the sun is doing. The Lume Cube 2.0 is a great way to harness this power in the palm of your hand. This compact and sturdy LED light provides a powerful output of light which is great for content creation, while it features an aluminium build and 9-meter waterproof rating, so you don't need to worry about this product slowing you down.

The Lume Cube 2.0 keeps going strong for up to 1.5 hours, it features a simple 2-button operation, while it can either be mounted on a tripod or used on-camera via the hot-shoe mount.

Gizomos G100 Mobile Tripod

As well as helping you to support your dedicated camera gear, such as your Mirrorless or DSLR kit, this Gizomos G100 mobile tripod is fully equipped to hold your smartphone to improve your mobile content creation. The tripod head quickly and easily converts from a standard camera mount to a dedicated phone holder, so you don't need to carry around any separate adapters while you travel.

Thanks to the 4-section legs, this tripod reaches a decent height when needed, while staying compact as you go from A to B, while other important features of this tripod include flip-leg locks and an included Bluetooth remote with a 10-meter range.

The Best Accessories for PhotographersThe Best Accessories for Photographers

SanDisk Extreme 128GB SDXC Card

The Best Accessories for PhotographersThe Best Accessories for Photographers

Many beginner photographers don't think too much about the memory card that they put in charge of managing their important files - this is a big mistake! The Sandisk Extreme range of memory card are quick in performance, so you can use the burst shooting and video recording functions of your camera without delay, as well as offload important files safely to your computer when you are done.

Sandisk Extreme memory cards are also noteworthy for being rugged; this 128GB SDXC card is temperature-proof, waterproof, shock-proof, and x-ray-proof - this is exactly what you need from a card that has your photos and videos onboard.

LowePro Fastpack BP250AWIII

The LowePro Fastpack BP 250AWIII is a great option for carrying your best and favourite kit of camera gear with you safely as you travel. As well as your mirrorless and DSLR camera, this bag has space for 2-3 lenses, laptop, tablet and essential accessories. This LowePro bag keeps things organised with three separate zones, one for camera gear, one for devices, and one for personal items and accessories - although it is spacious, you won't waste time rummaging around for the item you need.

The camera gear section of the LowePro Fastpack BP 250AWIII benefits from a QuickDoor opening section, while the PU coated fabrics and all-weather cover helps to keep your camera gear and digital devices safe from the elements.

The Best Accessories for PhotographersThe Best Accessories for Photographers

Joby Gorillapod 1K Kit

The Best Accessories for PhotographersThe Best Accessories for Photographers

The Joby Gorillapod 1K kit gets its name from its ability to handle 1KG of weight - this makes it perfect for holding smaller devices, such as compact digital cameras, smaller mirrorless cameras, and even speedlights! Just like other Gorillapods, the main drawcard of this excellent accessory is the versatility provided by its unique, flexible legs. As well as being used as a standard mini tripod, this Gorillapod can wrap and grip around items, such as poles, so you can pose for a selfie or a vlog.

This Joby Gorillapod kit comes with a versatile ball head included, which allows users to quickly and easily make adjustments to the composition of their images; it provides 360-degrees of panning and 90-degrees of tilt, so you should have no trouble finding the best angle for your shot.

DJI Ronin SC2 3-Axis Gimbal

Taking your filmmaking to new cinematic heights no longer requires heavy and cumbersome video equipment, as you can see by this DJI Ronin SC2 camera gimbal. Providing the smooth and steady views that are only possible with a 3-axis gimbal stabiliser, the Ronin SC2 features a travel-friendly folding design, and punching well above its weight, it can handle a payload of 3KG despite weighing in at just 1.2KG.

The strength of this DJI gimbal makes it perfect for use with mirrorless and certain DSLR kits, while users who are looking for something to use with their smartphones should consider the Moza MINI-MX mobile phone gimbal.

The Best Accessories for PhotographersThe Best Accessories for Photographers

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Whether it is for the safety and protection of your digital camera and lenses or to help you get the best performance out of your equipment, no camera bag is complete without a carefully curated selection of accessories. For more gear recommendations as well as expert photography tips and tricks, keep an eye on our photography blog. To take a closer look at any of the products mentioned in this post, shop online or stop by your local Ted's store.

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