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Now is the time to refine your photography and focus on subjects local to your area. We ask our Ted's Master DR Andrew Peacock about his photography journey through isolation. ...  Read More
Ted's Master Andrew Peacock travels the world following his passion for adventure and photography. In January 2018 he led a small group photo tour to remote Ladakh in northern India. This is his story. ...  Read More
Part two of our One on One series on Ted's Master Dr. Andrew Peacock, where he talks about his work, his experiences and his award-winning adventure photography. ...  Read More
Ted's Master Dr. Andrew Peacock talks about his work, his experiences and his award winning adventure photography. ...  Read More
This week Ted's Master Dr. Andrew Peacock talks about his latest trip to Kenya and the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, photographing the picturesque landscape and the incredible wildlife ...  Read More
Read about and enjoy some images from Andrew Peacock's trip to Bhutan, and consider joining him on his next tour. ...  Read More
This is rare opportunity to walk one of the most iconic trekking routes in the world and experience what it’s like to spend a night at the famous base camp of Mount Everest, with Ted's Master Dr Andrew Peacock ...  Read More
Recently returned from three weeks working as a photo instructor for Lindblad Expeditions aboard the National Geographic Quest in southeast Alaska, Ted's Master Dr. Andrew Peacock presents his highlights from the trip ...  Read More
Ted's Master Andrew Peacock talks about his adventures on the dizzying heights of Denali National Park in Alaska. ...  Read More
Shooting in cold weather presents problems for both photographers and their equipment.
In his latest article for Australian Geographic Ted's Master Andrew Peacock shares his essential tips on cold weather photography. ...  Read More

I’m an unabashed fan of wide-angle lenses. That is a lens with an equivalent focal length of 35mm or wider. They can be used to tell a story so well. They can also emphasize the space that is already around you or suggest an illusion of space in your surroundings in small spaces.

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It was a very difficult task selecting one winner from over 300 written responses to the Ted’s Cameras “Andrew Peacock One-on-One” competition but in the end I chose young scientist Chris Freelance to accompany me on a balloon flight over Melbourne with the excellent team at “Picture This Ballooning”. ...  Read More

Director of Photography for Lindblad Expeditions Ralph Lee Hopkins puts it well when he says "what makes Galápagos special for photographers and nature lovers is the full frame, up close and personal experience, like few places in the world".
I was delighted to find myself on a trip to the Galápagos in 2015 aboard Lindblad’s National Geographic Endeavour in my role as an educator for Expedition and Wilderness Medicine. It was a fabulous opportunity for me to shoot portraits of the unique endemic wildlife there.

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This adventure was a second chance for me to experience a journey that ten years earlier held me entranced by the new world I had entered. An invitation to join a trip to travel 280 miles on the Colorado River, descending through a billion years of geological time through the Grand Canyon, is not one to dismiss lightly. I certainly wasn’t about to do so when an opportunity unexpectedly came my way again this year.

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As an adventure travel photographer I’m always looking to balance the need for enough camera kit to shoot creatively with the practicalities of transporting that gear and having easy access to it.

Travelling as light as possible is often the best approach but for a recent 18-day trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon I had the luxury of a raft to carry my equipment and so I was free to pack pretty much anything I wanted! ...  Read More

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The world of stock photography has changed a lot over the years and is an area that many feel has had it's day in terms of being a useful pursuit for earning a financial return for a photographer. I don't think that's the case however. ...  Read More
Get to know our Masters - next up we talk to Sushine Coast based photographer Andrew Peacock ...  Read More
One of my favourite places for Adventure Travel photography is Antarctica. Many people tell me it’s a destination that’s high on their bucket list. It’s not an easy place to get to and it’s true that the cost can be prohibitive but the reward is a travel and photographic experience you won’t forget in a hurry ...  Read More