Volunteering In Denali National Park

21 June 2017

andrew Peacock-denali-2
Mount Denali, Alaska

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This week Ted's Master Dr. Andrew Peacock talks about his adventures on the dizzying heights of Denali National Park in Alaska. 

Dr. Andrew Peacock


Every year during the short summer climbing season, the Denali National Park Service in Alaska relies on volunteers to help their rangers patrol the upper slopes of North America's highest peak.

Denali, at 6,190 m above sea level, is a significant mountaineering objective and while it's not a technical climb, the dangers of hidden crevasses, extreme cold, changeable weather and altitude sicknesscan take their toll on those who approach the peak ill prepared.

I have just completed a stint as a voluntary medical ranger on the first patrol of the season and it was a physically and mentally challenging few weeks. It felt like an 'arctic work camp' as we towed sleds up the lower glacier on skis and then spent a number of days establishing the park service infrastructure at 14k camp (4300m).

Once established there we were on standby to respond to any accidents or significant illnesses faced by the climbers as they began to arrive in increasing numbers. It was a low winter snow year in the Alaska Range and of particular concern were the crevasses along the route from Base Camp. Luckily there were no major incidents for us to respond to but soon after we left the mountain the next patrol was involved in an incredible rescue.

As a photographer preparation is key to taking on a role like this and so having the right gear was paramount, I needed my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV handy and available at all times while moving on the mountain and so the Lowepro Toploader Pro 70AWII with a chest harness was one of the foundations for my photography kit.


andrew Peacock-denali-2
Andrew in front of nearby Mount Foraker

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