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Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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Take your photography to another creative planet. With the Canon EOS 5D Mark III you’ll achieve image quality like never before in both stills and video. The Canon EOS 5D Mk iii Digital SLR delivers the best of everything: unsurpassed image quality, high-performance operation, and a range of advanced and creative features that will whet the appetite of any advanced amateur or professional photographer. The EOS 5D Mark 3 DSLR delivers images like you have never experienced before, as a result of the incredible 22.3 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS sensor and fast DiG!C5+ image processor. You'll be able to push your photography to new heights with numerous creative features such as HDR and Multiple Exposure modes.


Tech Sheet

Ted's Sharing your love of Photography

How'd they do that?
"Sunrise on the Mt." By Joel Strickland

Tips from the photographer

  • Get up early, the light at sunrise can be amazing.
  • Act quick, the light isn’t like this for long.
  • Shoot raw, it helps to capture the full colour range.

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