Canon EOS R APS-C Mirrorless Camera Roundup

1 February 2024

Canon's EOS R full-frame mirrorless lineup has already stolen the hearts of photographers worldwide. But what if you crave exceptional image quality and blazing speed in a more compact, travel-friendly package? Enter the exciting realm of Canon's APS-C EOS R models, ready to rewrite the rules of portability and performance.

For those constantly asking which Canon EOS R camera is right for them, these new entries in the EOS R family offer a compelling answer, whether you need a mirrorless camera for video and vlogging, or more traditional photographic purposes, such as portraiture and travel. Read on as we uncover the differences between each model in the range.

Canon EOS R7

  • 32.5MP APS-C Image Sensor
  • 4K60p Video Recording
  • Built-In 5-Axis Image Stabilisation
  • Microphone & Headphone Ports

The Canon EOS R7 pushes the boundaries of APS-C mirrorless cameras with Image Stabilisation, effortlessly capturing stunning stills and smooth 4K60p video. Its professional-grade features, like clean HDMI output and dual memory card slots for advanced file management, make it an all-around powerhouse for photographers, vloggers, and live streamers alike.

But the EOS R7 isn't just for video. Its in-body Image Stabilisation system ensures sharp, blur-free photos even in low-light conditions, while with up to 30 frames per second continuous shooting, it captures fleeting moments with precision. When you're ready to connect with your audience, use this mirrorless camera as a webcam with ease, transforming your creative vision into live broadcasts. From the seasoned pro to the intrigued enthusiast, the EOS R7 holds the key to unbridled creativity.

Want to know everything you can about the Canon EOS R7? Check out our dedicated review.

Canon EOS R10

  • 24.2MP APS-C Image Sensor
  • 4K60p Video Recording
  • Up To 23FPS Continuous Shooting
  • 3-Inch Articulating touch-screen, & high-res EVF

Craving photographic expression without the burden of a bulky kit? Enter the Canon EOS R10, a lightweight APS-C mirrorless marvel built for travel. Tuck it into your backpack and conquer the world, capturing everything from majestic landscapes to documentary-style portraits, with overwhelming ease.

With blazing-fast 23fps continuous shooting, you can use the EOS R10 for wildlife photography. It keeps you ahead of the action, ensuring you never miss a feather ruffle or a leaping predator, while its APS-C sensor acts as a natural telephoto extender, squeezing even more magnification out of your favourite Canon RF lens. Pack light and travel free, capturing the essence of every adventure as you go, with the Canon EOS R10.

We were so drawn to the Canon EOS R10, that we put together this review, so we could tell you everything we know about it.

Canon EOS R50

  • 24.2MP APS-C Image Sensor
  • 4K30p Video Recording
  • Built-in stereo Mic & External Mic Input
  • USB Charging

If you are on the hunt for an EOS R mirrorless camera for beginners, this Canon EOS R50 is worth more than just a mention, but it still manages to include that sparkle and magic that we expect. This lightweight mirrorless camera lets you capture life's moments on the go without getting bogged down by complex settings, while the 24.2MP image sensor and 4K video recording outshines any compact camera or smartphone you have used in the past.

With seamless WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, sharing your creations with the world is a breeze, making it the ultimate companion for documenting your journey, one mesmerizing click at a time. USB charging allows you to top up on the go, even if your layover is brief, while the clever pre-shooting feature helps you put the bitter memories of those long-lost photos behind you, for good. All thanks to the Canon EOS R50.

Canon EOS R100

  • 24.2MP APS-C Image Sensor
  • 4K Video Recording
  • High-Res EVF
  • Vertical Video for easy sharing to socials

The Canon EOS R100 slips into any bag so easily, you'll have to remind yourself that it's there and ready to capture life's gems wherever you travel. It's the tiniest, lightest EOS R yet, built for adventure without weighing you down. Ditch the bulky gear and enjoy the eye-level viewing that enthusiasts prefer, thanks to its built-in electronic viewfinder -  mirrorless cameras with viewfinders are perfect for composing stunning shots on the go.

Looking to discover or rediscover your creative spark? The R100's got your back with simple and effective tools, such as creative assist, creative filters, and guided modes; you can unleash your inner artist, even if you're new to the game. Ready to share your latest captures with your enviable followers? The Canon EOS R100 makes this a quick and simple task, with its built-in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. So go on, explore, enjoy, and don't forget to share the magic - the R100 is always happy to tag along.

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Canon EOS R: Where Power & Portability meet

The Canon EOS R APS-C format models may be slight in stature but don't write them off when looking for something that can pack a punch.

If you want to take a look at the full EOS R range before making your purchase, don't forget to read through our full-frame EOS R roundup. If you have questions and you want answers, our knowledgeable in-store staff is always happy to help.

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