Canon EOS R10 Review

14 June 2022

The Canon EOS R range has become a fan favourite for enthusiasts and professionals, and with a pair of APS-C releases, Canon has attempted to extend its reach into beginner-friendly territory. Let's see how they have fared with this model, the Canon EOS R10.

Getting to know the Canon EOS R10

Canon EOS R10 ReviewCanon EOS R10 Review

The Canon EOS R10 includes an APS-C format sensor with 24.2MP resolution. While we have always loved the premium image quality provided by the EOS R's full-frame range, the smaller sensor has obviously helped Canon to make the EOS R10 more portable. Image quality is still excellent, with impressive low-light performance a highlight throughout the ISO range,  and this quality extends over to the camera's video performance. The Canon EOS R10 can record brilliant 4K60p resolution video, as well as Full HD 120p video which makes for brilliant slow-motion movies.

This camera is quite comfortably the smallest in the EOS R line-up, especially when paired with one of the new RF-S lenses that have been released alongside. The body weighs in at just 420 grams, which means when paired with one of these new lenses, you have a great option for everyday photography, as well as travel. The EOS R10 notably features a pronounced handgrip so handheld shooting is comfortable for long periods and the camera never feels like it is going to plummet to the ground.

Choose the right lens for your EOS R10

A deeper dive with this mirrorless camera

Let's take a closer look at some of the features that might make the Canon EOS R10 the perfect mirrorless camera for you to add to your camera bag.

Vari-angle LCD screen and high-res EVF - Despite its portability, the Canon EOS R10 contains both an electronic viewfinder and a 3-inch vari-angle LCD screen. If you want to experience the classic eye-level approach to photography, which many people find improves their image compositions, this is available to you, while the tilting screen is best for vlogging and POV shots. The LCD screen also includes touch sensitivity, so menu navigation, AF point selection and general usability are exceptional.

Pop-up flash - Unlike the Canon EOS R7, which was announced alongside the R10, a pop-up flash is included in the design of the camera body. This inclusion makes the EOS R10 more suitable for shooting in dim conditions, and it saves portrait photographers in particular from factoring in an external flash when budgeting for their new camera purchase.

Canon EOS R10 ReviewCanon EOS R10 Review
Canon EOS R10 ReviewCanon EOS R10 Review

23 Frames Per Second Continuous Shooting - While speedy sports-friendly shooting is often associated with more professional releases, the Canon EOS R10 can shoot at up to 23 frames per second when using the electronic shutter; this is even faster than its bigger siblings, the EOS R5 and R6. This rapid speed is available when capturing RAW files, while users preferring to utilise the mechanical shutter can harness 15 FPS shooting.

Advanced Video Functionality - We touched on the video prowess of the EOS R10 earlier but there is more to this camera than its 4K resolution and slow-motion capabilities. VIA the micro-HDMI connection, this camera can output clean 4K footage. Unlimited recording times are possible, while a microphone input and Canon's accessory hot-shoe allow you to easily attach external microphone devices to the camera - this is a great vlogging camera.

Fast and Accurate AF system - To make the most of the burst shooting modes and video recording of the camera, users are presented with a fast and accurate AF system. Canon's excellent Dual Pixel CMOS AF II is available, with 100% AF coverage, meaning the camera can reliably focus on subjects found anywhere within the frame. Notably, the EOS R10 benefits from exceptional subject tracking, so you can concentrate on composing the best possible image knowing the camera will keep whatever it is you are shooting sharp and in focus. This even goes for subjects that are moving at a brisk pace.

Canon EOS R10 ReviewCanon EOS R10 Review

Creative Modes - While many of the things that we love about the Canon EOS R10 are similar to features of the higher-end, full-frame EOS R models, the EOS R10 will instantly be more appealing to beginners. Canon makes this clear with the inclusion of various new scene modes. These modes, which include a new Panorama shot mode, allow users to make the most of the camera's excellent imaging performance without necessarily being experienced photographers.

If you are interested in the Canon EOS R10 and related accessories, such as Canon RF digital camera lenses, be sure to check out our huge range online or at your local Ted's store. If you'd like to read more product reviews keep an eye on our photography blog.

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