Canon EOS R7 Review

4 July 2022

With their excellent full-frame image quality and user-friendly performance, the Canon EOS R range has become a favourite amongst more experienced photographers, from enthusiasts to professionals. Now, with a pair of APS-C format EOS R releases, Canon has attempted to tap into the beginners market. Let's look at one of these models, the Canon EOS R7, to see how successful they have been.

Let's get to know the Canon EOS R7

Canon EOS R7 ReviewCanon EOS R7 Review

As mentioned in our introduction, the key difference between the Canon EOS R7 and the existing EOS R models is the smaller image sensor. This APS-C format image sensor includes a whopping 32.5MP resolution. This smaller format image sensor has allowed Canon to produce a more portable camera, which is particularly suitable for everyday photography and travel purposes. As well as the huge range of RF lenses that we are already familiar with, the EOS R7 was announced with a line of RF-S lenses which are perfect for making use of the smaller image sensor and maintaining portability. 

While not as portable as its APS-C partner, the Canon EOS R10, the R7 weighs in at a little over 600 grams. Like the R10, this camera manages to be compact without feeling Iike a basic point and shoot, with a pronounced handgrip that allows for free and confident handheld usage. Great for life on the road, this camera is solid and reliable, with a dust and moisture-resistant build.

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A closer look at the EOS R7's key features

Before you take the plunge and add the Canon EOS R7 to your shopping cart, let's make sure it is the right model for you.

32.5MP Resolution - We've already touched on the high-resolution sensor of the EOS R7, now let's delve into what this means. With 32.5MP resolution, users can print their favourite images in poster size with ease. It is also possible to crop into images to create stronger compositions and highlight more important subjects, without image quality degrading.

High-resolution EVF & Tilting LCD Screen - Just like the EOS R10, the R7 includes both an EVF and a vari-angle LCD screen. This means users can decide between classic eye-level composing and vlogging-friendly, arms-length shooting. Being touch-sensitive, the LCD screen makes for easy menu navigation out in the field and also enhances the shooting experience with touch AF and more.

Canon EOS R7 ReviewCanon EOS R7 Review
Canon EOS R7 ReviewCanon EOS R7 Review

30FPS Continuous Shooting - The Canon EOS R7 borrows its continuous shooting performance from the advanced Canon EOS R3 model. This means users can easily partake in sports and wildlife shooting, thanks to 30 frames per second continuous shooting, using the electronic shutter. 

Advanced Video Performance - It's not only still photographers that will enjoy shooting with the Canon EOS R7 and its high-resolution image sensor. Video Performance is top-notch, with 4K60p recording available, as well as slow-motion suitable Full HD 120p video recording. To produce videos and vlogs of the highest quality, users can also record 4K30p video, which is oversampled from 7K for ultimate sharpness.

To help the EOS R7 find its way into the hearts and minds of vloggers of every level, this camera includes features such as a dedicated video record button, unlimited recording times, and clean 4K output via the Micro-HDMI connection. While the EOS R10 includes a microphone input, this camera includes both microphone and headphone ports, so users can pay closer attention to the audio quality of their vlogs.

Advanced AF system - With the advanced Video Functionality and continuous shooting performance that we have discussed, you will be pleased to find a suitably fast and accurate AF system to maximise potential. Canon's lightning-fast Dual Pixel CMOS AF II is available, with the subject tracking performance of the camera being particularly useful.

Built-In Image Stabilisation - An exciting addition, the Canon EOS R7 is the only APS-C format Mirrorless camera from Canon to currently feature built-in Image Stabilisation.

Canon EOS R7 ReviewCanon EOS R7 Review

This means users can confidently shoot without the help of a tripod, knowing their images will be sharp and blur-free, even in dim conditions. To make this feature even more effective, users can mount stabilised Canon RF lenses on this camera to enjoy coordinated control IS, which means up to 8-stops of image stabilisation. 

Dual SD Memory Card Slots - As much as we love high-resolution photos and videos and burst shooting, these features tend to cause memory cards to fill up at a quick pace. Thankfully, the Canon EOS R7 features dual SD Memory Card Slots, so users can expertly manage their files. You can customise these cards to suit your workflow, using the second card as overflow, as a backup for security, or even using one card to store JPEG files and the other to store a RAW copy.

Think the Canon EOS R7 might be perfect for you but need to browse compatible accessories and digital camera lenses before making your purchase? Be sure to check out our huge range online or at your local Ted's store. If you'd like to read more product reviews keep an eye on our photography blog.

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