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Wait… not really.

I just happen to think they’re mostly unnecessary for the average tourist, or family picnic scenario. Every time I see folks out shooting sunsets or gatherings with these giant DSLR’s and telephoto lenses, I just think… “look, life could be easier for you and your hand right now, in this moment”.
The game has changed and the power available in smaller-bodied mirror less cameras has made the need for DSLR’s mostly redundant for the average happy snapper, and, even some professionals.

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We’re funny creatures us humans. When we see a piece of art we love, often our immediate desire is to directly emulate & reconstruct it rather than be inspired by an element from it, and then explore the creative tangents generated. ...  Read More
Freelensing is a nifty technique that you can use with any of your existing lenses to create magical blurred effects, as well as enabling you to control focus from front to back: something that it not normally possible to achieve without a purpose-made tilt-shift lens. ...  Read More
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