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The best zoom lenses | Canon, Nikon, Sony and more

Every photographer should have a zoom lens in their kit. Here’s why.

In terms of versatility, it’s really hard to compete with a zoom lens. Zoom lenses have multiple focal lengths that are measured in millimetres. For example, an 18-55mm lens is 18mm at its widest point, and 55m at its longest, and you can experiment with any focal length in that range to compose your photos. To zoom in or out of a scene, all you do is rotate the ring on a lens barrel. This is the key difference between prime and zoom lenses — with prime lenses, you need to physically move to get the shot you want.

One of the major benefits of wide-angle zoom lenses is the speed they offer. You can react more quickly to any changes happening in front of you, without having to stop and switch out your lenses.

Though they have many in-built focal lengths, the best zoom lenses are pretty compact. Thanks to their portability, they’re a go-to for wildlife, landscape and travel photographers. These shoots are often unpredictable, but photographers can rely on their zoom lenses to help capture their scenes with clarity. The same goes for event and wedding photographers.

Think of zoom lenses as your all-in-one lens. They’re flexible, easy to use, and fun to experiment with. Plus, they offer great value for money. Browse Canon zoom lenses, Nikon zoom lenses, Sony zoom lenses, and Olympus pro lenses at Ted’s today.