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Fast-tracking the all-in-one zoom field into a brand new direction, is this new 22.2x zoom lens from Tamron, the 18-400mm f3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD. Never before has a lens been more suitable to all subjects near or far, assuring you are just as equipped to tackle landscapes as close up detailed shots and portraits, without ever having to consider changing lenses mid shoot. From wide to telephoto this lens performs very well optically, while its weight of a little over 700 grams is very respectable for a lens of such range. Tamron including its brilliant HLD autofocus results in silent and speedy performance and an overall reduction in size for this impressive lens.

  • HLD Focus
  • Huge 22.2x zoom
  • VC Image Stabilisation
  • Just over 120mm long
  • Magnification ratio 1:2.9