Zeiss Wide Angle Lenses

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The best wide-angle lenses | Canon, Nikon & Sigma

A go-to lens for landscape, wildlife and travel photographers, wide-angle lenses offer a 180-degree view of a scene. They come in a range of focal lengths, and the golden rule is: The shorter the focal length, the wider the field of view - and the more scenery you’ll be able to fit into your frame. If you’re wondering about the size of a wide-angle lens, the most common focal lengths are 14mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm and 35mm.

Wide-angle lenses open up a scene while producing clear, crisp images. They also ensure everything in your photo is properly focused, all the way from the foreground to the background.

Thanks to these features, they’re one of the most flexible lenses on offer. When you’re shooting in the great outdoors, a wide-angle photography will capture the sheer size and significance of your surroundings - whether it’s a mountain range, a beach or some beautiful buildings.

Along with capturing landscapes in all their glory, wide-angle lenses allow photographers to add context to their photos, and tell more of a story. For this reason, they’re also the best lens for astrophotography.

Inside, a wide-angle camera can help you to navigate tight spaces and fit the entire room into your frame. This is why real estate and interior photographers often use these lenses.

If you’re ready to add a wide-angle lens to your kit, you have plenty of options. Shop wide-angle lenses for iPhone, plus Canon wide-angle lens, Nikon wide-angle lens and Sigma wide-angle lens.

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