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Fujifilm XF 27mm F2.8 WR Lens - Black

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The best travel photography lenses | Canon, Nikon & more

One of the reasons why travel is so exciting is because it’s unpredictable. When you set off on an adventure, you never quite know what you’ll discover, or where you’ll end up. As a travel photographer, you want to carry a lens that will adapt to any scene you come across.

That’s where a superzoom lens comes in. The best travel lens, it’s perfect for playing around for focal lengths so you can capture subjects that are close and far away. Thanks to its flexibility, you won’t need to scramble to change lenses out in the field - and risk missing the money shot.

When you're shopping for a superzoom travel lens to take on your next trip, look for one with a diverse focal range. Sigma and Nikon travel lenses stand out for their 18-300mm range, while Tamron has a great 18-400mm lens - which is a favourite among wildlife photographers. If you’re unfamiliar with zoom lenses, the first number represents the lens at its widest point, and the second number is its longest, and you can shoot at any focal length in that range.

If you have room, consider packing a compact prime lens for travel photography, too. Prime lenses are speedy, with a wide aperture and excellent image quality. They also work well in low lighting. For travel photography, choose a 16mm, 18mm or 35mm prime lens.

Shop the best travel photography lenses online, including the best Canon travel lens and the best Fuji lens for travel.