The Best Digital Camera Lenses for Travel Photography

5/03/2020 12:34 pm

Packing a lens for travel can be a painstaking task. One one hand you don’t want to pack something too cumbersome which is going to stop you from enjoying your travels but on the other hand, you really don’t want to limit your ability to capture those once in a lifetime shots.

Depending on what type of shots you are going to be taking, these are the best camera lenses for travel photography.

All-in-one zoom lenses


Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, all-in-one zoom lenses provide multiple focal lengths in surprisingly compact packages. These lenses are best for those who want to be prepared for photographing a little bit of everything but really only want to take one lens with them.

The more expensive lenses within this range will obviously offer an improvement in image quality, as well as delivering weather-sealing, which is a bonus when travelling to different climates.

The Best Digital Camera Lenses for Travel
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Single focal length lenses

The Best Digital Camera Lenses for Travel

While shooting with single focal length lenses, otherwise known as prime lenses, can take some getting used to, there is a reason that many of your favourite images throughout history have been taken with these lenses.

Image quality is excellent from a prime lens and the faster maximum apertures that they offer make them more reliable for shooting in low-light conditions, as well as for producing lovely bokeh. The focal length will determine what style of photography they are most useful for, with a wider lens being perfect for landscapes and street photography, and normal to short-telephoto lenses being very popular for portraits. In recent times we have seen increased popularity in pancake-style prime lenses, which allow you to keep your kit as portable as possible while travelling.

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Wide-angle zoom lenses


Wide angle zoom lenses are great for capturing vast and expansive sights, such as landscapes or architecture.

If you are going somewhere that has plenty of jaw-dropping natural views or ancient buildings and relics, you will want to consider packing a wide-angle zoom lens in your kit. If you are getting really creative, you can even opt for an ultra-wide lens like a fisheye lens.

The Best Digital Camera Lenses for Travel

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Choosing the best lens for travel photography

So there you have our overview of the best digital camera lenses for travel photography. If you require more assistance in deciding which lens is right for you, please drop by your local Ted's store today.


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